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*hushed voices* So... what OTHER gaming series do we watch?


I was unimpressed by Tabletop S3, but S4 worked rather better for me. (Not many games I wanted to go out and play, but “I now know I don’t want to play this game” is valuable in itself.) There are suggestions that Wil is unhappy with the new owners of Geek & Sundry and so there may not be an S5; speaking entirely personally, I’d love to see it hosted by someone other than Wil.


I would like to give a mention here to a brand new channel, created by Shut Up & Sit Down viewers, Ticket to Carcassonne

It is a bit different to other channels. They only have one video so far, but it is a goodie. They have said they will do more if they get enough subscribers. I am not sure how many “enough” is, but it is probable more than 2, which is how many they have now.

Go on, give them some encouragement!


Is it weird that I was enjoying it up to

the blatant cheating

and after that I wanted nothing to do with it?


You mean the kitten thing?

Not sure if you are kidding or not, but you know that was just a joke?


No, since I know nothing about these people except what they choose to tell me. In an otherwise interesting video it tastes foul.


The kitten scene was added in post production, (a) to provide an entertaining end to the video (without it, the end of the game would have been a bit of an anticlimax) and (b) to make it look like Jemima had an excuse for missing the attack - she had played so well up until then …


Resurrecting this thread because The Dragon’s Tomb just posted their PAX Unplugged video and it’s brilliant. All the coverage you need.


I recently watched Dragon Tomb’s How to Play of Clue with my Mom. It was twice as funny watching her try to figure out what the hell was going on.