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*hushed voices* So... what OTHER gaming series do we watch?


So yeah, Inside the Box is great. Thanks to everyone who recommended it (and I did enjoy the SUSD clip used in the Infamy episode).

Not had a chance to check out many others yet. I’ve been aware of Watch it Played and Rahdo for a while, but as mentioned they tend to be more ‘I’m interested in this game, let me find out about it’ instead of ‘watch this to see if this game interests me because it’s entertaining either way’.

No Pun Included seemed like it was almost there on the entertainment front, and it had a good focus on why stuff was either good or bad relating back to the player experience, not just ‘I liked it’, but it didn’t quite grab me. Will give it another try later maybe.

As for Dice Tower - they seem to have so much content, is there any particular strands or titles I should be looking out for? Or is it all lumped together and you have to see who’s involved with particular videos?


I recently discovered No Pun Included. Their production value is still pretty low, but they are trying to make videos that are genuinely enjoyable on their own. Also, they had one of the best pokes at regular boardgame reviews that got such a huge laugh out of me at the very beginning of this video:


I think No Pun Included is showing steady improvement as Efka and Elaine get more practised.

(In much the same way as SU&SD has steadily developed over the years.)

Try one of the latest ones (if you haven’t already!).


As for Dice Tower - they seem to have so much content,
is there any particular strands or titles I should be looking out for?
Or is it all lumped together and you have to see who’s involved with
particular videos?

You can either check the search function of their homepage to see if they’ve got videos for a particular game you’d like to check out.
Or just go to the youtube channel. Check out the three regular shows if you want a general feel for the network.
Boardgame Breakfast has some good (and some bad) contributors and is the most varied, Boardgame Blender is always themed (i.e. contributions on a certain theme/type of game), and Sam’s new show Throatpunch Lunch deals mostly with Ameritrash games and miniature painting.

There’s a summary of all the games reviewed in the last 7 days on monday which I always watch for general information. I also tend to enjoy Tom’s reviews the most, especially the ones he does with Jason Levine (Every Game is Awesome) and the new series with his eldest daughter, Double Trouble.

I’d also recommend any Top 10 list that piques your interest, since I enjoy the banter and the clash of opinions, and one or more of the Top 100s, especially the one Chaz Marler is doing at the moment. As mentioned above, his videos are also mostly good to watch since he seems the contributor that puts the most emphasis on entertainment at the tower.

Like others have said, considering the enormous output you shouldn’t expect too much polish and entertainment, but I find the overall quality quite good for the circumstances.


Balls to it. Here we go.

I had a go at making a proper edited video at the weekend albeit with only my camera-phone and a tiny tripod and no script and goshdarnit it ain’t going to get off zero views unless I tell anyone about it.

So. Ahem. Yes. Episode one of 100s of Tiny Wooden Bits. Zero “production values” I guess but I did actually try to put a story together using edits and retakes and stuff. Except the bits where I was in public because I got too nervous to do a second take. https://youtu.be/Mh8tSASyHMs


A guy who’s only recently got going who I’m really enjoying is All the Games You Like Are Bad. He’s only done a few videos so far, but he really digs deep - he’s probably less entertaining overall than SUSD, but his gaming knowledge is clearly vast, and he has a very direct, self-effacing style that I like.

His review of Seafall was SAVAGE.


I watch LOTS of other games news and reviews. So much so that it’s starting to push out some of my other hobbies/interests, and I’ve made a conscious effort to cut back.

But in the meantime, here’s the harvest of my games news listening and reading expereince:

Video Reviewers:

  • They’re mentioned above, but Inside the Box is really great, and are the only other group really doing what SUSD does (or really, what they used to do with their more narrative style reviews from back in the day). I think of them as a more punk rock version of the already indie rock SUSD crew (both high compliments in my book).

  • For a more academic take on games, I love sitting down to a lecture by Marco Arnaudo, aka marcowargamer. He’s got broad interested, and gets in to some pretty esoteric titles–right now, I’m enjoying his rundown of the entire series of Lone Wolf adventure books.

  • For solo runthroughs, I used to tune in quite a bit to Ricky Royal’s Box of Delights, but his output seems to have slowed down a bit. Might be becuase he picked up the mantle of game design, so while we’re losing a reviewer, we’re gaining a designer.

  • Of course, you can’t beat The Dice Tower (you know where to find them) for sheer volume of reviews. It’s kind of the baseline of reviews, and they’re starting to branch out a bit, but it’s still the standard for “Reviewer explains the rules in front of a wall of games and then gives his/her opinion” reviews. Why anybody else copies this, I’m not sure, as they’ve got the market cornered.
    …I do also like to watch the top tens with Tom, Sam and Zee, (even though I’m not a great fan of top tens generally) just because they’ve started to stretch into more obscure top tens these days, and the weird chumminess they have is often amusing to me. It’s like having a crew of goofy regulars who hangs around in your favorite bar/coffeeshop/pub.

  • Rahdo (also mentioned above) is great for a lot of reasons–he’s enthusiastic, he’s thorough, and his runthroughs are a step above of the usual rule explanations that pass for reviews. I can actually get a feel for what it’s like to play the game by watching his stuff, which is surprisingly rare. Also, as a side benefit–his runthroughs often give a good impression of what it’s like to play a game solo (for me, anyway).

Print reviewers:

  • I really like the work Dan Thurot has done at the curiously named Space-Biff!. His reviews are consistently engaging and well-written, and he’s often advocated for small press or PnP games, particularly the work of PnP maestro Todd Sanders. Worth subscribing. And, I’ll love him forever for his “loving” tribute to the standard Dice Tower review style.

  • Dan also contributes to the stable of reviewers at OLGS Miniature Market’s Review Corner, helmed by one time BGG outcast Michael Barnes. It’s an interesting mix of voices. I tend to gravitate towards Thurot, Barnes, and contributors Charlie Theel and Raf Cordero, who also put on the Ding and Dent podcast, which is good listening

  • And finally, you can’t go wrong with former video games program host, former semi pro-wrassler, one-time inspiration for SUSD, and current comedy writer/director Rab Florence, who still puts out a weekly column for Rock Paper Shotgun called Cardboard Children. Also his very old quirky series Downtime Town is still worth a view, though dated.


@TheLAD You expanded your request to podcasts, so I’ve got a recommendation on that front.

Punching Cardboard is one that I really like. Two American guys playing mid-heavy Eurogames with a splash of other gaming tastes thrown in. They also usually review a whisky they are drinking at the same time (happens to suit my taste!) and occasionally a little music. But generally it’s 85%+ gaming.

I’ve tried a number of different podcasts and their style and voices I find very appealing, in fact quite relaxing. There’s a good level of banter and personality that comes across as well. Heavier Eurogames aren’t usually to my taste, but I still find it interesting to listen to Jim and Eric talk about them.



Well dang, I just watched all of his videos in just half a day…


“All the games” is really good! Just a talking head but I don’t really care because most of the time I just listen to the videos while I work. Excellent reviews!


The best thing about HeroQuest is Gravity Land. It’s a cracking good, Escheresque realm of immortal evil, blood curdling peril, and an inexplicably stationary dining room ensemble.


• So… clearly watch, read, listen to everything from SU&SD- promptly followed by hunting down and purchasing everything I’ve just watched, read, listened about :neutral_face:
• No Pun is ok- clearly lots of effort and love goes into what they do - and as others have said they are improving… do seem to be trying to riff SU&SD style a bit too hard though
• The Secret Cabal Podcast- not a video but good way to kill 3 hours whilst driving (big part of my job!)- very entertaining
• Boardgame Brawl- not great but best of the “guy standing in front of his Kallax Boardgame collection drying talking about and explaining the rules in excruciating detail…” videos

Really though - Paul, Quinn’s and Matt- just generate more content please- you guys are the best :slightly_smiling_face:


Really pleased that the Dice Tower has continued to put effort into [promoting inclusivity in games] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hO9bEIR8lZc) and actually supporting their content producers to run with something that Tom has said a couple of times, really want them to continue to do this as they are so prominent in the hobby and this can only help.


I’m in love with the Meeple Like Us content - funny, well written reviews and astoundingly detailed ‘accessibility teardowns’. It’s as far as I know a completely unique take on boardgames - analysing them from the perspective of whether people with disabilities can play them. I have some paralysis in my hand, and I’ve found their work incredibly valuable. They even look at ‘socioeconomic’ accessibility and talk about issues of diversity anbd inclusion.

I really recommend people take a look!


I can only add my wish to have Kaja and Joanna join Paul at the SUSD North American Office.


Our Turn podcast (women in gaming) - which SUSD mentioned in a Games News, and I’ve been listening to ever since.


Video games rather than board games, but I’ve been enjoying Eurogamer, Outside Xbox, and Outside Xtra. While they aren’t the best at games, most of their videos can be described as friends playing games together and having loads of fun. Eurogamer’s PUBG series exemplifies this. Here is Eurogamer playing Star Trek: Bridge Crew with Matt and Pip:

Other highlights:

  • Here’s A Thing: I’ve posted about this elsewhere. Eurogamer’s Chris Bratt discusses some aspect of game design / development of famous games or games that never were.
  • Low Batteries: Eurogamer’s Johnny Chiodini discusses mental health in video games.
  • Show of the Week / Show of the Weekend: from Outside Xbox / Xtra, respectively, where they recap games news, talk about games they’re playing, and make bad puns. Ellen will laugh at the drop of a hat, so it’s nice to have them chatting in the background.
  • Johnny Chiodini once ran a one-shot D&D adventure for Outside Xbox / Xtra.

I’ve been following Girls’ Game Shelf, but sometimes I’m surprised when someone says “this game goes on the shelf” when I didn’t think they had that much fun; maybe it was the edit.


It’s pleasant to watch, but so heavily edited that all I really get out of it is a sense that these people had fun playing this game (or not). I assume they have reasons for going with the short video style, but it gives me very little impression of what the game is like.


+1 for Game Night! Also for Tabletop and Watch it Played.

Recently found The Rules Girl for beautifully animated rules explanations, I’d highly recommend it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd7ifswdRwhl-AWQF92qM-g


Just like you, Tabletop got me back in. It helps me to see a game played and how people playing it reacted to let me know if I wanted to buy it or not.

As fat as the Dice Tower goes, I pretty much only watch the top ten lists.

I recently discovered SU&SD and like them for the reviews aspect of it.