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*hushed voices* So... what OTHER gaming series do we watch?


Regarding “getting rules wrong” on videos (or, to put it another way, in defence of Tabletop and Rahdo which seem to get a lot of stick for it), I think it shows several things:

  • it demonstrates how easy it is for all of us to get rules wrong,
  • it demonstrates how little it matters in the vast majority of cases for the game to still be enjoyable.

Getting rules wrong or accidentally forgetting something is, like it or not, part of the world we inhabit and enjoy so much. Unless your video is a bona fide guide to the rules and how they work in practice, I’m perfectly happy to enjoy the video safe in the knowledge that most of it will be right and I can forgive and unlearn the bits that aren’t. I think because a video is permanent and can be replayed and rehashed, unlike real life, it can demand an unrealistic level of perfection which, let’s face it, none of us really do in real life and, well, end up reducing our videos back to talking in front of a shelf of games.

That, however, is distinct from intentionally getting things wrong, i.e. cheating, which I don’t have any time for. It’s happened once or twice on Tabletop (Steve Jackson “conveniently” adding things up wrongly in his own game is the example that grated most with me) and because it went through with tacit acceptance, it kinda soured the series for me which for the most part I enjoyed.


Let me put in a plug here for DICEY EXPLOITS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx5bnIbrSmGsFFhJ9C6SeCg

It is on occasion a little rough, certainly in early episodes where the sound renders some videos almost entirely unwatchable, but it’s my second favourite video series after SU&SD.


has nobody mentioned girls’ game shelf? i really like that show


Further votes for:

  • No Pun Included
  • Girls Game Shelf (even if the title shouldn’t be needed in 2016)
  • Board Game Replay

Adding a vote for

  • Jon Gets Games - A little of the talking to camera but no wall o’games. Clear progression in the review and also covers player count.


Yeah, those. I’m always happy if there’s a Rahdo or WiP video for a game I’m about to have to explain the rules for.

Since the Dice Tower podcast fell out of the rotation (too long, too many contributors I either don’t care about or actively dislike) the only other boardgame-adjacent media I listen to on the reg outside of X-Wing specific stuff is Flip The Table, which is warm and funny and enthusiastic in a way that sort of reminds me of SU&SD while not really sharing any elements of their style


I love SUSD dearly, but I consider much of what they do to be more on the lines of entertainment first and reviews second (and that’s not a criticism!). I also know my tastes differ from them pretty strongly, so I use other sources for reviews. I watch a lot of DT (especially for Zee, who was the first person I heard talk about Targi and Jaipur at least) reviews and top tens. I think the key advantage the DT have is that there will basically always be a review available for a game and Vasel is good at giving fair criticisms, for the most part. Also, the Oneupmanship review is underappreciated gold.

Pair of Dice Paradise is great, especially the Tenzi review.

Rahdo is very good for games where I’m on the fence and want to see how they play before I buy or deny - he is also the best “does it play well with 2?” reviewer I know of.

WiP is basically mandatory for me before I try to teach someone a game which needs more than three minutes of explanation.

Tabletop is an interesting one - like many people, I found S3 to be a bit awkward (and so many mistakes URGH), but I retain hope for S4 as Tabletop is what got me into the hobby!


I’d like to mirror what 1729 said about SUSD basically being entertainment. That’s also why there are so relatively few videos in contrast to other sites. That’s not a bad thing, but for me means that a site like the DT is of great importance for the hobby. I see it as a sort of news network that covers most things boardgame, while Quinns and the guys/gals are more like the Monty Pythons of board gaming.
That being said, I also actually enjoy a lot of the content Tom Vasel (what’s with the constant misspelling, btw?) puts out.
I don’t care for different takes and rehearsed lines, and imo Tom is way past the uhm and ah phase nowadays.
The Dice Tower has a variety of things besides reviews that are worth checking out, I particularly like the Top 10 lists, the personal Top 100 (especially with another person for “friendly” banter), the three different shows with many contributors (Boardgame Breakfast, Boardgame Blender and the new Ameritrash show by Sam Healy, Throatpunch Lunch).
I don’t like everything in the shows, but the good things is you can just skip segments you don’t enjoy. The same goes for the rules explanation in the reviews. And like 1729, I do think Mr. Vasel’s vast knowledge makes him good at giving pretty accurate opinions about many games (while you have to take into account his personal tastes, but that’s the same with SUSD).
He’s also started a review series with his oldest daughter (which I guess most of you will welcome), and yesterday they were the first to review A Feast for Odin!


QFT! Since Rahdo primarily plays games with his wife, he always throws in an evaluation of how well the games play with two. I like that he also says if he enjoys a game but just can’t justify keeping it because it does not play well with two. While I do not limit myself to just good 2-player games, it is nice to know when a game I am interested in works well if it is just my wife and I playing it.


I treat The Dice Tower like Yelp. I don’t trust it to alert me to greatness, but to stuff that’s pretty good and warn me about any major problems.

Rahdo has such narrow tastes (2P, no meanness) that he excludes a lot of games I would like, but his run throughs are useful to get a feel of the gameplay. I don’t mind the rules mistakes because the videos are annotated.

Seeing the mentions of Board With Life reminded me of another comedy YouTube series that I enjoy: Inside the Box. They do stories rather than reviews, but I feel like they capture the fun and spirit of a game, while also making fun of its flaws.


OK. He needs a job reviewing games. That is the funniest thing I have seen in ages. Thank you SO much for that!


You have my Broawed Soarwed!


And in addition to excluding many games Rahdo watches all the games he does review through the two player lense, which makes his opinion quite useless for me for many games.
That being said, he is funny and knowledgeable and definitely a great asset to the hobby.

As is Rodney Smith.


PairOfDice Paradise is a great channel.
He doesn’t really review many games but speaks about aspects of boardgames and boardgame culture in an insightful and humorous tone.
For example:


I don’t watch much other board gaming content besides SU&SD. I occasionally go back to TableTop and watch some episodes, if only because TT was the impetus for me getting into boardgaming and SU&SD. I find the Dice Tower watchable in short spurts, but I find I cannot watch the “stare into camera and explain rules for the entire video” style content for very long.


By far the highest production values I’ve come across is in the Inside the Box series.

Highly story driven (including running gags), with sharp writing and humour, great editing and effects, generally good acting, minimal rules explanations and zero talking to camera standing in front of the wall o’ games. It’s definitely on the entertainment end of the spectrum, but you do get a good feel for the game so it’s useful too.

It’s not that family-friendly; there’s some swearing and the humour can be quite adolescent (the Reference Pear equivalent would be the pink dildo) but it’s nothing problematic.

They seem unknown, which is confusing for me given that they’ve been putting out quality videos for two years.

An Underrated YouTube Channel

Chaz Marler is part of the Dice Tower team now, so there are more videos from him on the DT channel, including his Top 100 that he’s running at the moment.


I just cut my cheese with my Browad Sowad, that is the BEST thing about Heroquest!


Inside the Box are great, been subscribed to them for a while, but their humour is adolescent and I think this may be why they haven’t spread as far as SUSD. The effects are great though, whoever does those knows what he is doing and their Sci-Fi game reviews are full of in jokes.


I’m going to add another vote to Board with Life - they don’t review board games so much, but if you want more board-game related entertainment (much like SU&SD!) I found their mini-series really well produced and, although occasionally stilted, really quite heart-warming by the end. I was sorry to finish it! I’m also really enjoying their D&D-playthrough podcast, mainly because Donald Schults (probably spelt wrong - apologies!) is an excellent DM/GM, so there is a lot to take away for your own campaigns.

I’ve tried a few of the other suggestions here (the Dice Tower, TableTop) but in the same way that people may bounce of the British-ness of SU&SD, I quite often struggle with the humour and Americanisms of a lot of them (Board with Life occasionally too).


Just spent most of yesterday watching Inside the Box. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Entertaining, and their Pandemic Legacy video done as a Seinfeld Parody is very very good. Having said all that, it is very juvenile, and not particularly informative (though sometime what they don’t say is informative).

Also my wife is lukewarm on games generally, I can often get her to give a game a try (or at least not castigate a purchase) by showing her a SUSD video of a game. I will not be doing that with Inside the Box.