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Honey Heist Anyone?


Alright, it’s my first time doing a play-by-forum RPG and so I wanted to start simple with an RPG I have only just found out about today. The game is called Honey Heist - I think that (at most) I’d want to have four players. So, if you don’t know what Honey Heist is - think Oceans 11 if instead of George Clooney and Brad Pitt, it was just bears.

Definitely one of the more absurd premises - but if you’re up for it I would love to set up a game. Maybe the first 3 or 4 people willing to commit? I don’t see it being a particularly long game but if it goes well we could try it again.

Let me know.


Sounds much more like my kind of thing than any of the currently ongoing forum RPGs, but I just don’t have the time or energy right now. I’m very sleep-deprived, and will continue to be so for probably the next year or two (baby twins).


That’s ok! Hopefully it’s fun to read all the same. Congratulations on the babies though!!


Sign me up, but I’ll defer to anyone who wants to play if you get more than four! This sound right up my street! (Do we get to choose our bear breed?)


Count me in. I’ll have this printed and in my pocket first thing when I get to work. :wink:


[EDIT] LOL, we’re probably in trouble, depending on what your definition of “going off without a hitch” means.


You’re in good sir. We are only at 2 so far :slight_smile: the bear characters are rolled. If you google Honey Heist you’ll find the two page document that makes up the entire game and then you can roll a character :slight_smile:


Hahah amazing. I’m looking forward to this!


Sadly left my dice in my other pants (so amazing I just got to write that). If we get rolling earlier than expected I’ll go grab a few bones up the street on lunch.


Not to worry, Once I have a full team of bears I will write up the scenario and then tag everyone in a separate topic :slight_smile:


@VictorViper @SleepyWill

When you do roll your bears, let me know in this topic just a brief outline of your…bears.
Types, hats, etc. You don’t have to do a big introduction, just a brief overview so I know what I’m getting into :slight_smile:


Sounds good, I’ll see if I can get mine whipped up over lunch. Otherwise I’ll have it posted by early afternoon.


Just to say - I misread the topic title as “Horny Heist” which would be a very different game!

Afraid to say that I can’t commit, but I’ll enjoy lurking!


Horney Heist will be the next one. I’ll try and adapt Honey Heist to an adults only adventure hahaha


Chunderfuzz III, the washed up honey badger, will be your getaway driver. I have powder blue + frilly mittens, which look simply divine paired with my black leather knee-length skirt. What better way to enhance my beautiful blonde wig!

Human Believability Score = 17


hahahahahahaa oh my god. I’m already so happy I chose to do this.


I do see some red flags however, I’m wondering if we’re working from the same game outline. Only because the one I have does not have anything about human believability haha. Here’s what I’m working from:

*Edit: Tagging @SleepyWill so we’re all using the same thing :slight_smile:


Shoot. Maybe I went too far. I dug out EVERYTHING for this one. The outfits files deal with that.


oh man you went too far you’ve hacked the mainframe.
The game in its entirety appears to fit on two pages or at least the one I’m planning does haha

EDIT: I am sorry to ask you to reroll your amazing character but I do need to keep it simple haha


Well, I’m Carrots, a black bear, and a slick thief who wears a bowler hat.



Alright, I’m rerolled.

Introducing Bobo, the Incompetent Panda. I’m your getaway driver (still). How do you like my Fez?