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Here's a way you may not have seen a gaming collection yet!


Last year I posted on reddit and on BGG my interactive collection picture where you can mouse-over on the collection photo to get my brief opinion about it and clicking takes you usually to BGG game page. This is completely clunky homemade code, but sort of works. This just got a 2019 update!

You can mouse-over to see interactive snippets and thoughts from me about each game or element in the picture. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

Previous years: https://tabletopmoment.com/comc.php
2019: https://tabletopmoment.com/comc.php?id=10
2019 Girlfriend: https://tabletopmoment.com/comc.php?id=11

I hope you like it :slight_smile:




What a great way to show off the collection!
Did you write an interface to draw the boxes? I imagine it takes a lot of work to set it all up :smile:


Yeah it’s basically some PHP cooked up with JavaScript to capture and draw boxes. Slightly hackish :smiley: