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Help. I need to find a decent game similar to Uno

I have a £20 voucher burning a hole in my pocket.
Daughters say they like UNO, but I’ve never played it.
Is there anything good/interesting which is similar?

I’ve never played it, but I believe Red 7 by Carl Chudyk is a ‘gamery’ Uno

I’ve liked LAMA and Heul Doch mau mau. They both fall into that “play a card on another based on a limit of rules”.

The first one is suitable for 2 the second needs a minimum of 3 players.

Both have a nice amount of strategy and the ability to grow your skills within them (certainly lama does)

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Red7 is too gamey.

Not knowing what kind of games people have played before: I would go for The Mind or 6nimmt (I prefer Knizia’s Sakura, but 6nimmt is cheaper and smaller and simpler).

Love Letter is a regular in our group. And I can’t believe I’m saying this but pick a theme and get that version of Fluxx


Fair enough, I just know its a small box with cards with numbers on them!

I prefer Lost Legacy to Love Letter.

@ogre how old are your daughters, have you as a family got any experience with gaming? Are you wanting more of a challenge that Uno?

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Good point! But never underestimate The Chudyk! :joy:

Oooohhh I’ll have a look at this!

despite the aesthetic Red 7 is a “think four steps ahead” game (the rub: a round is literally four steps)

16 and 18. We play games here. Stuff like -
Pandemic legacy
Samurai spirit

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I think you should consider Azul if you’re happy with a non card game.

Cheating Moth is a light card game like Uno, which has some more engaging “mechanics” where players try to secretly drop cards in their laps, slide them up their sleeves etc.
I think its specirically designed for parent/children, since the oldest player starts as the “guard bug” and keeps watch for cheaters. It’s just as light as Uno but funnier and silly. I believe there’s a sequel called Cheating Bee or Shummel Hummel which adds some extra mechanics and is meant to be a bit better.

Cheating Moth is brilliant, absolutely hilarious. Cockroach Poker is more of a game from the same series.

I can’t remember why, as Lost Legacy is basically a reskin. I think the end game is perhaps a bit more specific.

@ogre they’re only linked by using cards, but how about Cribbage? Quins has an excellent series of videos on here called, ‘card games that don’t suck’.

Absolutely nothing like Uno, but the best games I’ve got for under £20 recently are Star Realms and Rhino Hero: Super Battle

How old are your daughters? I know Uno has a bad rep, but it might be age appropriate. I had fun recently playing with an 8 year old and a 6 year old and their Dad. It may not be the best game, but for development it’s not bad and if your daughters like it, why not get the one they like and want to play?

Love Letter’s great and simple to gamers, but you’d be surprised at the development level needed to hold the possibilities in your head.

Lost legacy also has this system where all the variants - space ship, werewolves etc have interchangeable cards - so the 1 card in a set can be swapped for the 1 in another set (with varying levels of quality iirc)

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Asked and answered above:

Reading the rules of Uno, Red7 does indeed have some similarities; but I think it’s more different than similar, and it’s significantly more complex. It’s a really neat game, though – I can absolutely recommend it… just not necessarily as an Uno-a-like. I think it’s up to you to figure out whether your daughters would go for it.

If you do get it, I suggest ignoring the advanced and optional rules, with the possible exception of the cumulative scoring rule (which is easy to integrate, and doesn’t mess with the gameplay too much).

Parade might work well?

As a fan of Red7 I endorse this - IMO the basic game is superb as it is, and the specific card powers make it overcomplicated.

A favorite at the gaming group I sometimes attend is a game called Zar, which is clearly directly based on Uno but has a couple additional wrinkles. Unfortunately I think it might be out of print.

I heard really good things about Blank (BGG link) a uno game where you write new card after each game. I think Matt Leacock and his daughter designed a expansion/stand alone game with Pandemic mechanism.

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