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Has anyone heard from MinuteWalt?


Has anyone heard from @MinuteWalt at all? I realise it may just be holiday stuff, but I’ve never known him to be away for two weeks. I’m worried about the guy!


Yeah, he just stopped responding. I had a play-by-forum game running with him :confused: really hope he’s ok


Same here, I’ve not heard from him for a while - I have to admit I assumed holiday stuff, hoping that’s all it is


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We can call off the search parties, I’ve had contact and there’s nothing for us to worry about - I’m sure he’ll be along as soon as he’s able to say hi, but don’t worry if it’s not immediately!


Sorry, guys! This has been a really rough time. The regular holiday shenanigans, combined with some tragedy, a lot of really foul weather, and a broken motorcycle.

I’ll try to do better, but next month may have off-line time as well. After all of this stress, in January I’m being forced to go on vacation. Yay. :neutral_face:

Let there be no doubt: This is the place I want to hang out in almost all of the time. I’d rather be with you people than with the finest people in the world. (snicker)

There have been a lot of things going on here, irl, that I just needed to escape from, and that meant from all of the world in general, including online. I needed to spend some time alone to think (and honestly to also watch Netflix and play AC: Odyssey, I won’t lie. Movies and video games are therapy for me).

I should be back to normal soon. :heart: Thanks for looking out for me, you wacky kids!


Yay, you’re ok! I think it just shocked most of us because you’re on all the time, and then nothing for days :0 but definitely take a break if you need it!


Stuff and nonsense, you don’t need to do better, we’re just all happy to see you :slight_smile:

Happy Xmas eve (or eve eve) EVEryone.


Time for a GROUP HUG!!!

(We will all get colds afterwards, but totally worth it)


That was awful, btw. You are banned for capitalization puns :yum: (You’re not really banned)

EDIT: I changed my title to reflect what I actually do the least of, but jokingly threaten people with most often, based on this post.

“You’re Not Really Banned.”

It seemed appropriate.


Boy, the people who do get really banned aren’t going to know what to think.


Take all the time you need! And vacations are good aren’t they? Being paid for not being at work! YUSH!


Stop being such a Smart-alec, @adrian. You’re banned.

(PS: Also, no, they won’t know what to think. Because they would not be able to come back here to get the inside joke.
The few who get actually get for-real-banned are banned hard, right down to their IP bones, and we only do that for griefers, spammers, trolls, and people who are racist, sexist, or otherwise serious haters. We try to open a dialogue in most cases first, just to be sure they know this is supposed to be a safe place and not Youtube, Reddit, etc. comments. G.I.F.T. does not have any truck here).

I am not getting paid for the vacation. Thanks for rubbing it in @MrJackdaw! :sob:

(actually, I’ve already been partially comped, if not a real paid time off, and I look forward to taking my fam to Disney!)


In what universe do you not get paid for vacation? Is this an American thing?


US employers are not obliged to give their employees paid vacation time.

That’s just wrong. :frowning:

Come live in England! Everything’s great here! I have a pictorial representation of my country below;



That dog should consider Brexiting the house.


We (in some states) are not even obliged a mandatory 15 break, or an (unpaid) 30-60 minute meal break.


I’ve been there. At my old job (certified support provider with nurse delegation- means I was trained to prep diabetic suppiles) was a 24 hour group home. No meals off, no actual breaks. Though there was less busy times.

I don’t miss it. They wanted me to sleep between shifts 2-3 days in a row, without pay when asleep, but I couldn’t leave.
Ended up being laid off instead, but it worked out.

@COMaestro and I def understand how things can get super crazy suddenly. And not just our typical “my 5 year old decided it’s clothing optional day” without telling us.

Talking care of yourself id super important, it really does a number on your health.


Hahahah!!! :rofl: OK, you gotta roll with that one! Both my kids had periods like that, I just thought, “Well, let them have that, in a few more years it will get them arrested. Let them get it out of their system young, and take embarrassing photos to show to their future significant-others.”


Funny enough we actually had the cops called on us Tuesday for the *first time ever!
Naked boy, let’s call him **Robin, woke croupy trouble breathing and hubby took him outside for the cool air to help him breath. I was getting a bag ready to take him to the ER to get treated (they give something that relaxes the airway). Chris brought Robin inside to get ready.
Then 2 policemen knocked on our door asking about a report of a child in distres.
I invited them in, pointed to my kiddo (kinda fussy but not bawling) said he had croup, and non verbal autism, so he doesn’t understand what’s wrong, and pending trip to ER, then they went on their way.

*it’s not uncommon for special needs kids to get police called on them or parents. So I have expected it some day.

**On forums I tend to refer to them by Batman=oldest, Robin=youngest


I used to have a supervisor that was on the night shift, his actual real name was Batman Ra*** (I don’t want to give out his whole name). It was perfect, if you had a problem on the night shift, call for Batman! He was a super-nice guy, he came here from Nagpur, I think.

(I know about special needs kids getting into trouble because other people don’t understand them. I’ve worked with kids a lot, selling toys and doing community stuff, even ones who are a monstrous 6 foot tall adult-looking person and scare people who don’t get that they’re still 4 years old inside. I never want to stand between some cops and an innocent person in the middle of a toy store again, but I’d do it all over if I had to).