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Happy US Thanksgiving!


Happy US Thanksgiving!

Some of us in the USA may be a bit comatose from tryptophan and possibly watching sports throughout the end of the day, and may not be active here until tomorrow, or even Monday. This will be a long weekend for us (not to mention Black Friday, which I refuse to have anything to do with, myself).

We will be celebrating a possibly fictional account of some well-meaning but short-sighted Native Americans sharing a feast with European invaders because the natives felt sorry for the new guys, who may have otherwise starved in the New World.

Instead of celebrating the eventual devastating colonialism they may have inadvertently helped, we’ve made it into a tradition of being thankful for everything that doesn’t suck, but is in fact awesome in our lives, and eating until we find it difficult to walk (which I suppose is what “feast days” are for, so I’m not gonna neg on that).

I, for one, am going to eat and play Blood Bowl on PC until I need to take a nap.


I guess I should start this with saying what I’m thankful for.

My 2 kids (I almost wanted to put them at the end as a joke, but I guess this is one of the few times I feel I have to be serious) and the rest of my family.

The fact that I have income, even if it’s not the greatest.

My lovely collection of games, books, and toys.

And not to mention, my friends.

This includes all of my friends here, not just IRL, without whom, my life would be very much less interesting, and much less enjoyable.

Thank you all for being here with me! :heart::heart::heart:


I’m thankful for my cat KB, the Great British Bake Off, and electromagnetism.

oh, and my family and stuff.


Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans! Happy Thursday to all you other people.

I am thankful for my loving wife, for my two kids and the fact that I haven’t throttled them or done anything else that would have Social Services take them away from me, even if they often deserve it.

I am thankful for the few good friends I have nearby, and for the others online that can be half a world away.

I am thankful to have two loving parents who did their best to raise me right, especially after having two rather big medical scares involving my dad this year.

I am thankful for my house, which we just bought last year and moved in on Christmas eve. It will be nice to spend and enjoy the whole holiday season in it, unlike last year where we were stressed out by the purchasing process and moving.

I am thankful to have a well paying job at a company that continues to experience growth and is willing to reward its employees for their hard work.

And lastly, I am thankful for my immense library of books, movies, and video and board games, which continues to grow, ensuring I should never have a boring moment whenever I have free time.


:facepalm: Yes, you certainly belong here my friend.

(Pretty much all of what you said proves that, but electromagnetism sealed the deal).

@COMaestro I have to say buying a house is one of the most stressful things anyone has to endure.

I believe, in this order (according to something I read in the paper, so take that for what it’s worth), it’s just behind throttling losing a family member, getting married, and having to find a new job. I’m glad you’re doing well, and getting a bit of stress-free(ish) time in your home.


Ahh off-brand Thanksgiving. I was confused because Thanksgiving already happened back in October when the Queen decreed it.



To make matters more confusing, when Abe Lincoln made it a federal holiday during the Civil War in 1863, it was on the last Thursday of November. But FDR changed it, at the behest of merchants to extend the Christmas shopping season, moving it to the 4th Thursday instead. Send me a PM if you are curious as to why that fact really makes me mad.

Anyway, I really enjoy Thanksgiving, but hate the rise of Black Friday due to the overshadowing of a holiday which centered more on being grateful and giving rather than shopping… Or at least that is how I remembered it growing up. However, that could be just being young and naive… Or perhaps I have become nostalgic in my aging…

… Anyway… I am thankful the meal I made and just finished eating turned out well. Granted it was just my wife and in-laws, it still is rather tough making the whole thing from scratch having the only pre-made item being the gravy (well, InstaPot turkey stock from the bones, but used Bisto Chicken gravy granules… So… semi-homemade?). There are other things I am thankful for, but I am rather tired and going to go and have a lie-down…

Happy Turkey Day!

Pictures of my bird...

20181122_092854 20181122_110111 20181122_110138


Good lord, that looks delicious.


Unless anyone objects, I’ll close this topic soon, say, by Monday-ish. Last chance to post in this thread.

Our holiday is over, we can do another one next year (which, I believe, is kind of the point of a Holiday).


Sorry, couldn’t post earlier, because, you know, us Europeans (among others) were busy keeping the global economy going while you were getting stuffed - YOU’RE WELCOME!
But seriously, I hope you all had a peaceful and happy time with your families and loved ones, and the food coma didn’t keep you from playing lots of great games!


Oh, like you lot won’t still do the same thing on Christmas or New Year’s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the sentiment, and also for the global economy :rofl:

(PS: If you ever make it over here @webs, you are welcome to my house for dinner, I don’t care what time of year it is.)


Just to confirm… It was! :turkey:

Sadly, my wife was out cold shortly after the in-laws left. Though this might have to do with the the over 400 pages worth of term papers she was grading earlier in the week so she did not have to do it over the holiday.