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Happy Mother's Day!


If you live in the US, or Japan, or Canada, or Australia, or Taiwan, Iceland, Brazil, New Zealand, Italy, Jamaica…you know what, you can just look it up, it’s a big list, the 2nd Sunday in May is apparently when a bunch of countries celebrate it.

Happy Mother’s Day 5/12/19!


I remember my mom taught me how to play chess when I was a kid. I won a lot, and she wasn’t letting me win to make me feel good. She still stinks with abstract strategy, but stuff like Dixit she almost always nails (we usually play that sort of thing with family, and she knows the way we think all too well).


I remember getting Statis Pro Baseball as a kid and roping my mother to play it even though she didn’t understand baseball or much of the game mechanics. Still beat my A’s though.

I made a cajun shrimp and sausage boil for my mum today, which she seemed to enjoy, and tomorrow I’ll probably make butter chicken with aloo gobi.


OOOoooOoOoooh, that sounds good. Well played.

All I did was fresh flowers and 70% cacao chocolates for my mom, fresh flowers and a gift certificate to a brew-pub for my son’s mom.

(Also, taking on the kid for the day and doing all the chores they’d normally do, but that doesn’t really count, I do that anyway if i can’t get out of it. But this time, I’m volunteering!)


(Mother’s Day is over in the continental US, so I feel like I can ask: how was the butter chicken, and did you take pictures or have a recipe for the cooking threads? I’m sorry, I just worked another overnight shift and I’m starving.)


It isn’t Mother’s Day here in the UK (nor anywhere else, since it’s over), but my mother learnt of my depression that I’ve stayed hidden since last year. She went down to London and cooked me one of her traditional dish and it was the best.

Thanks, mum!




This is a picture of microwaved leftovers from lunch. I left out the aloo in aloo gobi and doubled the cauliflower.

Butter Chicken Lady’s butter chicken and aloo gobi.


I just ate and, looking at this, I’m starving again. For the love of gosh, please re-post that (with further elaboration) somewhere in this topic!