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Gold Ticket details

Hi there …

I am looking in to attending for the first time this year, and I have a questions about the Gold Ticket that is mentioned on the official webpage.

Where are the details about this ticket type? (What’s included?)
Where is this ticket purchased if I were to want one? (Or is it only available to Gold donors?)



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To the best of my knowledge, I believe the Gold Badges are all sold out as there was a limited number. As such, I believe they took down the description to avoid confusion, but it does leave a bit of an accidental info black hole.

But this is something I can think still help you with.

For paying extra you would have gotten:

  • A private game session with SUSD editorial staff, select special guests, and rest of Gold Badgers.
  • One-hour early admittance to the Expo Hall to demo games.
  • Special queue for the sessions for early seating.
  • A reserved Gold Badge table to play games on.
  • The warm special feeling that you helped to subsidize a great gaming convention.

(I think that was it…)

Notice: I am just a regular forum user. I am not part of SU&SD or the SHUX team.


@UllinBethalto is a member in good standing, and has the right info. (Thanks, Ullin)

Sorry for the following Public Service Announcement, but I have a feeling I may have to repeat myself a lot soon, so I need the practice.

I do have to remind everyone, scalping is very frowned upon, someone got all up in our faces last year just because I mentioned this.

You can sell a ticket and I won’t say a thing as long as it’s for the price you got it for. I had to sell mine (actually, I gave them away) because of passport issues (I was born in an extraterritorial island and am still having problems with my birth certificate, I may have to sneak over the border! (I’m not actually going to do that)).

To echo @UllinBethalto, I’m just a mod, I’m not part of the SU&SD or SHUX payroll, but we do not like people using the forum as a method to scalp tickets for above the asking price. It’s a small community, with people who don’t have a lot of money, if you can’t make it, ask for a refund or just ask for what you paid from someone else.

(EDIT: none of this is on you @tallymatty! You just happened to have a thread where this could be aired out in public. I’m sorry if I’ve disrupted your post.)