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Gift Ideas - DM's and GM?'s


Can anyone give me the best idea ever for a gift for a RPG GM?

My friend is most frequently involved as a GM for D&D 5e, but has dabbled recently in a variety of other systems both as a player and a GM. I was hoping to think of a gift in the $20-$50 range that might be something other than just another source book or set of dice. Price isn’t set in stone so if the gift idea is amazing but a little spendy, tell me anyways!

I’m well enough versed in RPG’s to already be aware of the most common ideas, so I’m trying to come up with something more unique than just another dice bag or the next laser-cut wooden accessory item I see so many kickstarters for. Doesn’t have to specifically be RPG related, just something an RPG fan might love, but really unique RPG’s or RPG accessory ideas are welcome as well.


Strongholds and followers by Matt Colville. It’s not out yet but the Art alone is amazing!


There’s a Kickstarter that started a couple days back for a hand-forged steel D20, though to get one that’d be $80. Pretty damn unique.

You might try Etsy as well. Granted a lot of that is the sort of laser-cut stuff to which you’re referring, but there’s plenty of more unusual things. Like this D20-themed judge’s gavel? Huh.

As an on-again/off-again GM I was always one to appreciate the practical. A stack of moleskine-knockoff hardcover notebooks can be had for $50 and I used to go through them pretty rapidly as they were great for campaign logs. Similarly I still have some leftovers of a 50-pack of little kraft notebooks (like Field Notes but unlabeled and cheaper) which were always handy to have. Both of those I’d have freaking loved. But I’m definitely of the function-over-form school, and you know your GM best.


If they are a prolific player and a GM for at least one game, guarenteed they could do with something to help keep them organised! “Best Gift Ever” territory could be a filofax type cover with custom printed inserts - a stretch on your budget and if it’s for christmas, maybe a bit tight on time now, as those inserts will need to be designed by yourself!

Are you playing in their game, or have access to their materials - you may find an artist willing to draw up the maps of their world as something to frame or perhaps a portrait of an important NPC. (I would offer, but I’m in for two Christmas present maps already, and can’t take on more)


I have been thinking about this very same thing, as a GM, with my son and his betrothed and friends as players, but they are very broke.

@SleepyWill has a good idea, there. Organization is one of the toughest things for a GM. Total +1 to that.

I, personally, would suggest something like this this:

I had mentioned it before in another topic:

Getting to/from hotel with games

Right now, I’m using a wicker basket to move everything, all the books and dice and tokens and stationary. It’s heavy and awkward (although I usually make the kids carry it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

I now have a collapsible wheeled tote on my wish-list. They aren’t as cheap as a wicker basket, but they aren’t by any means expensive, and they are really handy.

It also may be a thing one wouldn’t buy for oneself, but something they would clearly enjoy and make use of, which, IMHO is the definition of a perfect gift.


Galeforce 9 just came out with the Monster Manual decks of cards for 5e if you think that would be helpful to them. The core book gift set also have some gorgeous covers and a very nice DM screen, but it might be something to get the rest of the group to pitch in on. I know your friend probably already has the books, but a DM can never have too many copies to loan out. There’s also an art book Wizards put out that’s basically a retrospective on the iconic illustrations used throughout the history of the game.

There have been a lot of interesting indie RPGs that have come out in the past year or two. Kids on Bikes, Tales from the Loop, Blades in the Dark, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mutant Crawl Classic . . . I could go on and on. I find that many of the DMs I know like borrowing mechanics and settings even if they don’t end up running the system right out of the book.

Then there’s also critical hit decks, custom DM screens, etc. I do like the other recommendations for carrying/organization solution. Anything that makes DMing life easier and smoother is bound to be appreciated.