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Ganz Schon Clever


So, I played this at SHUX18 and I really like it. While looking for availability I found this website where you can play it!


I scored 101 on my first game!
Perhaps this thread can bring awareness to the game/be a place to place your best scores?

Use screen grabs if you can?

Have fun!?!


Game 2


Game 5


I’ve been desperately trying to crack 300 for months.



That is possible?!?!

At SHUX my best was in the low hundreds… These scores are much better!

I am finally understanding the smart “waterfall effect” of certain combinations… Very refreshing when they happen (especially when the computer catches it!).


It’s definitely possible in the app/single player - I’ve seen people do it but it requires very lucky dice. I can do a bit over 200 when playing with others though usually about 150-160


As a first game, without reading the rules, and not being able to see the top or bottom of the screen. I’ll take it!

Now to find a bigger screen. I think I’ve got the basics down. Sorta.


Definitely not my first game! :joy:


The game is also an app, and from the High Scores, it is possible to do better (while requiring you to be very, very lucky).


Sooo much closer! Now I really want to top 315 desperately!


I was playing this during the polar vortex and I was so proud of myself for scoring in the 200s. Then I found this thread… sigh. I’m getting closer!


If you weren’t aware you can also play its sequel Doppelt So Clever online (and iOS/Android) too.
It’s that same dice rolling fun but the puzzle has been changed a bit. Love them both!



Oh wow! Thanks Ross. I have been wondering if they were going to make that available online, but I had not been able to find it.

Sadly, my productivity is going to go waaaaaaay down…