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Games you have taught people that they then taught other people


I recently helped lead a trip for a group of college students. I brought some games for people to play during our free time if they wanted to. There were a few games that I noticed people who learned the game from me quickly teaching to others. A couple of people on the trip had played a few modern games beforehand (mainly codenames and One Night Ultimate Werewolf) but most of them were new to modern boardgames. I think the fact that a new person would learn a game and then teach it to another new person is an indicator of a great gateway game, so I thought I’d start a post here.

On this particular occasion the game that I taught that went on to be taught by the most other people was The Mind. By the end of the week roughly 25 different people had learned and played it even though I only taught it a few times.

The other big hit was Citadels. I already thought Citadels was a great gateway game and this further confirmed it. I taught it twice to about 7 total people. They went on to teach it and play it with many more people.

What games have you taught someone, that they went on to teach other people?

The other games I have seen this happen with on other occasions are Mysterium, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Codenames, and Jungle Speed.


I work at a board game cafe as the “Gamemaster”, so it’s my job to teach people new games. That includes the other cafe employees so that if I’m busy, they can still help customers out.

I’d say that Onitama is the game that has been retaught the most. Quick and easy to teach and play, and even the older lady who has the most trouble with remembering game rules was able to lead a group!

Other than that, games like Rhino Hero, Coup, Lost Cities have all been taught again at least once. I’d really wish they would be more confident in their abilities, but if ever I’m around, the teaching role always goes to me xD


Azul is a newer one that comes to mind.
I’ve thought it to my parents and my sister, and while they then thought my sister-in-law, my sister bought the game and thought her boyfriend.


I hate to say this, but the obvious answers for me are Dungeons & Dragons, and Magic the Gathering.
(The reason why I hate to say this is because you all know how old I am now).

I have had my kids (I call them my kids, I should say “my players”) teach each other Love Letter, Dixit, FLUXX, and We Haven’t Playtested This At All, not to mention the original PnP version of Werewolf.

EDIT: I forgot Catacombs!


also Carcassonne.


I had to revive this topic. My older son just taught his fiancee, my younger son, and our friend, Jungle Speed, which @Hamilton led with above. I just hadn’t experienced someone else teaching the game before.

I also have to say, my younger son taught his friend how to play Loopin’ Louie, which I am shocked no one else here has thought of (including myself). Shame on all of us!


I introduced some people to Loopin’ Louie, and later discovered it was the centrepiece of stag party. That was a win. I’ve had similar success with Animal Upon Animal, which I think might be the overall best of the generally excellent Haba games.


I’m a big fan of Loopin Chewie. I got a second set and had the adapters 3d printed to bring the game up to six players. I highly recommend it.