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A thread in honor of those moments when you look down at your board and go
"Now how the hell did things get so bad?"

To get things started, I will include a photo from a game of Pandemic that I played the other night that got… way out of hand in the Middle East. #Topical


Naturally, one would start this thread with Pandemic. The epitome of, “but…but…it was all going so well!”

And then something bad happens, and then math happens, and then everyone is dead.


While Pandemic is a classic another one is…

We played Zombicide with 5 people and we waited too long to collect equipment while outside the horde amassed and then we had back-to-back abominations (see top left) and lost the scenario. I’ve played a lot of Zombicide over the years but this must be our worst ever defeat.


We’re fine, the fire’s under control… er, about these damage cubes…


The worst that comes to my mind would be playing Escape: The Curse of the Temple (using the atmospheric music/timer of course).
Things can go south astonishingly quickly. You’re plodding along nicely, then suddenly two people get dice locked, followed by another trying to save them. So everyone in the group bar one is dice locked whilst the other player had 4 black masks as the drums start…
A whole new level of panic. Quite hilarious.

At least the game is short enough to go again though.


I once got a negative score in Ticket to Ride.

Strangely I am not allowed to forget about it by my ‘friends’.


Also anyone who has ever played The Isle of Dr Necreaux has probably had disastrous encounters with Monofilament Wire if not you’ve played it wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

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Possible mild Gloomhaven side scenario spoilers:

This was a 4 player group…


Oh god…
I’ve been there :expressionless:


Oh my heck, a timer is bad enough, but the music…oh, the music. It makes me wish I had thought ahead to wear an “adult disposable undergarment.” Your experience may be different, it Depends.


Pretty much any good game of Space Alert.

Also, I remember (well, I recorded) a game of Twilight Struggle in which I not only had horrible card draws and rolls in general, but I also calculated that the odds of our 25-point coup roll difference was 1 in 3735.

On a six-sided die:
USSR coup rolls:

US coup rolls:

(where () was a Nuclear Subs turn, and [] indicates two ABM Treaties played by US)

Odds plotted on a probability curve:


That’s the funniest graph I’ve seen that wasn’t drawn by Randall Munroe :rofl:


Today we learned that playing Cockroach Poker is no fun with just two people… especially when your partner can guess if you’re lying or telling the truth 10 times out of 10. I took this picture after 6 turns. We continued for another four before he threw the game.

We should have known. My husband used to play actual poker a lot a couple of years back. And he taught me the game (I don’t even remember which variant, probably Texas Holdem or whatever is most popular). Then we played against each other and while I am terrible at the game in larger groups, in a duel with my partner, I just know what he is doing every single hand.