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Game similar to Chinatown


I love Chinatown but it’s out of print and difficult to find used so I’d like suggestions on similar games. I’m from a big family where we love Monopoly, not because it’s a great game, but because we like yelling and making deals; I’m looking for something to play with my siblings when I go home for Christmas. I looked into Lords of Vegas but it seemed more complicated and the base game only allows up to 4 players. I like how in Chinatown, play is simultaneous and anything can be bought and sold. Can anyone suggest a reasonable replacement for Chinatown?


Sidereal Confluence has real time bargaining and training and plays up to 9. Though it’s fairly heavy to get started - nothing prohibitive, but it’s a hell of a lot of colours until cubes before it starts to make sense. Depends how much patience your family have to learn a game.


Sidereal Confluence is on my Christmas list but because of its weight I’ll probably play it with my gaming group, not my family. I like how short the rules explanation for Chinatown is.


Empires from WizKids is Sidereal Confluence lite


Have you checked out Quinns Negotiation Special?


This almost seems facetious but: some version of Catan?

On the dice tower essentials line, new release, ‘goodcritters’ (based on ‘tiefe taschen’). Plays 8(?). Negotiation and bluffing (and bluffing your bluffs). Reviews online.