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Game of Thrones Board Game Group?

So I have a copy of the Game of Thrones Board Game (2nd) with all the expansions, and I’m looking for a group of people who might want to join me for what can be a long game.

I also want to specify, I have altered rules in a several key ways so purists may or may not like it. I took the idea of Objective Cards from the Feast for Crows expansion and created them for everyone. This means rather than winning only by getting a certain number of castles, you win by scoring points either from an objective card you have or by having the special objective of your house being true. This change is only for the Westerosi houses, and balancing has been done throughout to compensate for this.

I’ve always found that playing with objective cards is simply better, it means people are not all spamming their way to getting the must possible castles, and means you don’t always know what other players are doing when they do things. I’d be happy to post the rule changes etc if people want to review them, but mostly I’m just putting out feelers for if this sounds like something other people would like to try. Multiple times work for me, but am flexible if lots of people are interested. Ideal would be 4-5 beyond myself and one other who’s already in.

Sat 2 pm

This will be in the Toasty Fireside Freeplay area.

Here are the objective cards and rule changes, feel free to use them yourself:
GOT objective cards.pdf (619.9 KB)
GOT house card covers.pdf (627.6 KB)
Game of Throne Home Rules.pdf (116.1 KB)

I’m super curious about your objective cards.

Not super interested in playing, but I know somebody who may be and will poke him over here

Yeah, I’ll edit the original post to include links to my homebrew rules/objective cards now that I’ve figured out how to do attachments.

My friend IS interested but is having trouble creating a forum account. He asked me to post and say he’s flexible for time and will watch this thread

(@Celene could you PM me or any other mod/admin to tell us the specifics about your friend creating an account? We’ll try to help)

I would like to join and try the game with your objective card system.

So we have decided Saturday at 2 is when this will happen, hopefully that works.

where will you be meeting?

Back in the “Toasty Fireside Free play” area there are double wide tables. Assuming those are still there Saturday I will be there at around 2pm setting up.

Playtime can vary quite a lot, both because some alliance-making just makes things take longer but also because sometimes it’s just harder to get objectives scored. So basically this is my way of warning that I can’t tell you how long it should take, but even at extremes more than 90 minutes but usually less than 4-5 hours. Assuming everyone is basically aware of how the game is played, none of the rules are too complicated but there are just a lot of them to remember.

Ideal we’re looking for a player count around 5-6. The Mother of Dragons expansion creates a mechanic for “vessel houses” so while there will be 8 houses “playing,” but only 5-6 humans. It also means if anyone needs to leave early they can simply become a new vassal house, but please don’t start the game already planning to leave early.

To the friend of the person who played with us, you left a backpack, i gave it to lost and found