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"Fun to play once"


I picked up Indian Summer right before Spring Meadow entered my radar (I knew it would be coming along, I just didn’t know when). As soon as I saw details about Spring Meadow, I regretted buying Indian Summer.

On the other hand… I own both of the Century-series games by Emerson Matsuuchi and I’m eager to buy the 3rd (mostly for the “Voltron” effect of jamming them all together to see what happens)


And therein lies the selling point.

I’ll be interested to see how Century sells after all three are out. Is it going to become a must have to get all three, or is it going to remain three mini games that kinda work together. I said it elsewhere, but I was really surprised how similar all three games ended up being! I was expecting three completely different games, not variances on the same mechanism.