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Fountain Pens (Because they're not watches or socks)



From me to me.

Lamy Mechanical Pencil

Eraser under the cap

Joined to a cleaning rod - and the removal of this lets you load more graphite sticks

Also a calligraphy pen - Bought for the play by mail game ongoing at the moment (If you’ve written me and not got a reply yet… it’s in progress, I’ve be absurdly busy!)

And Finally, I remembered why I stopped using my Sailor for the Green - the ultrafine nib, so I got this, a medium - and yes, it really is that bright and vivid a green!

I would take you through the full posts that I normally do for this pen, but:

(What was that about the pen not making a difference again :wink: )

And just to show the same ink with a different medium nibbed pen, here it is on the same paper from earlier in the year in the Lamy Aion:

Just to be clear, this isn’t a criticism of the pen (yet) - some inks just do not work with some pens!


Does it stutter at all on the paper you’re using?


Not at all, it’s not an immediate thing, the line goes down just fine:


It’s just way too wet a pen for this ink, so it’s sat on top of the paper with nowhere to go and has a chance to bleed before it dries - you can see the spreading has started in the squiggly line and they now all look like the writing!


The next chance I have, I’ll cut an actual quill from a found feather and show you how it’s really done! (Being in the Boy Scouts teaches you the weirdest things).


Are you… me?


(Dammit, William! :rofl:)


For anyone just coming here, or had posted in the previous watches thread, @SleepyWill managed to split this thread from @Boydesian’s watches thread and moved all that stuff over here (which was actually quite impressive :clap::clap::clap:) so kudos for him! :+1:


I didn’t delve too greedily or deep because I feel that the history of pens in that thread is important, but I went as far back as @Kev63 's post because it was a fantastic question!

Also Balrogs lurk too far into the history of any thread, and white just does not suit me.


I’m not super into pens but I did come here hoping to see the intersect of fountain pens x board games. I’m disappointed that there are no artfully inked scorepads or impeccably illustrated roll-and-write sheets :frowning_face:


Watch this space!


After some excellent advice from SleepyWill and MinuteWalt, I finally got around to ordering some Diamine ink for my fountain pen. I like a dark blue so went for the Majestic Blue, and am really liking the results.

When filling the converter I did manage to get the ink all over one of my fingers and thumb, but lesson learned for the future! I also did not realise the quantity of ink in the jar, I bought 80ml and I think it may last me for a significant amount of time.
The ink flows really nicely from the nib, I have not had to change my writing style much, maybe slightly slower if anything but this means neater writing. It seems to dry quite quickly and I have not really noticed any bleeding.
So all in all very happy with pen and ink.


It’s one of my little victories when I manage to refill a pen without getting ink on my fingers! If you really hate it, I would recommend a cheap syringe with blunt needle - use it to draw the ink and inject it into your converter.

Glad you’re enjoying your pen and ink, and glad I could be of some help!


It’s finally happened!

After nearly a year of heavy use, this little guy gave up - there was just too much air pressure behind the ink and it spluffed!

Basically, that much air, trapped in the space caused too much pressure when it got warm and expanded and overwhelmed the nib assembly, and started dripping out while I was writing!

Time to refill it! Where did I put that silicone grease a year ago… hmmm…

The pen I used to take over - that’s coming up next, it’s a project in progress!


At least it left a pretty splat.