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Forum Members Meet-up During SHUX19?



I was wondering, is anyone interested in having a short ‘meet and greet’ at SHUX during the convention hours? I know in the past there had been some meet-ups before the convention starts (at restaurants), but I was thinking of something during the convention itself. Not anything ‘official’ or very long… maybe something like a 30 minute time frame where we can get together in one spot, wave at each other, shake hands if you are brave (convention germs…), and be able to think to yourself in the future ‘I have met that person!’.

I also had an idea of printing off some ‘forum name’ name badge stickers, just in case anyone did not want to write their forum name on their convention badge (I am one of these people). I would give these out at that time and during the convention while I had supplies.

Just asking to see if anyone is interested and if so, to see how many stickers to print. I know this is a bit ‘last minute’, but I thought it might be nice since some people are not able to meet-up before the convention.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you in a few weeks!

(To get the ball rolling, I was thinking maybe right after the opening ceremonies on Friday? Part of my logic was because the line for the games library is usually super huge at that time, so… why not have a nice chat and wait till the line shrinks :smile: )


Count me in.

I’m definitely in, this sounds like a great idea. I’ll be attending SHUX by myself from NZ, would be good to meet people and make friends!

I am interested! I’ll be at a table on Indie ave all day Friday and Sunday.

I would like to meet up with people!

I’m down for it! Or up for it if you prefer! One of my favorite little oddities of English that those both can mean the same thing.


Am down and will make a timing work.

I’d actually love to see it around a meal at some point. Long enough to grab a glass of wine and actually chat face-to-face :slight_smile:


I would be in!

OK, I have a design for the the stickers I was thinking of printing off. Any suggestions would be helpful, along with a possible print run. I was thinking 50… maybe 100?

Just imagine there is a large ‘@’ on the left side in the blank area… That has to be added in when I go to print it off for some reason…


I would like to put faces to forum/Discord names, but not sure I’ll need a sticker as I’m okay putting my name on my badge.

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Of course, some people are more recognizable by their Disqus commenter names. I’m always confused when they’re different from their names here. I mostly recognize people by their profile pics though; e. g. Sheepface and Bunnyface :smile:

The last couple years I wore rabbit tshirts to help people make the connection. :rabbit2::rabbit::smiley:

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My thought was the spot for names on the badges was small last year and this would allow someone with poor handwriting more space to write legibly. The sticker I was planning on printing on was 3 inches high by 4 inches wide.

Also, I thought it might be nice to have people wearing them to remind people this place exists. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I know I just joined the forum, but I’d be interested. I’m heading to Shux solo, and it’d be nice to meet some folks before diving in.

Because I figure there is probably some crossover interest, I added a link to this meetup on the thread organizing a pre-SHUX dinner.

If anyone is interested in that, you can find it here: Pre-SHUX 2019 Dinner - Thursday

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Good thought, you actually beat me to it!

I like the idea of the meet-up at the restaurant before the con, but every year I manage to have a conflict that evening. Also, I figured it would be nice to have an option for those who might be attending on a tight budget.

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That’s a smart idea.

Though, people can definitely come to the dinner and not order anything if they’re on a budget. Or not hungry. Or for any other reason. It’s an inclusive dinner.

But I can definitely see why some people wouldn’t want to do that.

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All very good points!


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I think I might steal this for the dinner, haha.

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Free use. Don’t have to steal it. :wink:

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