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drag and drop worked, thanks! Hopefully it’ll keep working.


Yay! I was helpful!

(Also: My son just patted me on the head and told me I was a good mod. This has been an awesome day.)


Still getting the occasional “gateway error” on the home page.


Are you still getting that error @pattersonjeffa? It should be fixed (sorry for the lateness of my reply, holidays and other irl things happened).


took a forced break over the holidays, but haven’t encountered any issues since I got back.


I am having a problem with the entire site using Firefox 65.0

I have screenshots on BGG in the SUSD Forums here:

I am having to use Internet Explorer to post this.


Sorry I’ve been away! Is it working for you now?


Wow… That was like 10 hours… I did not realize how much I visited the forums until the great crash of 2019!

I wonder if that was scheduled?


I don’t know if it was scheduled, but it certainly brought into perspective how important this forum has become to my day-to-day routine.

Every morning when I print out screenshots of my favorite websites and sew them together to wear as trousers for the day, I often think to myself, “Hmm, perhaps there’s another way…” but then I remember that there’s construction on I-435 and I should probably take the backway.

Unfortunately, due to recent events that will be withheld until they can be properly recounted in my autobiography (and then performed in the stage adaptation by a young Gary Oldman), the Shut Up and Sit Down Forums screenshot printout had been promoted within the trouser pattern to the central groin region and… well, you can imagine my embarrassment as I was dropping my daughter off at my in-laws this morning.



I was just checking my email and thought, "Well, it has been down most of the day… Maybe it is back up?"

I clicked my bookmark and nothing, then thought "Well, what if I hit ‘refresh’?" Which usually never works, but… well… I was quite shocked when it actually connected!


Just putting in another reminder here, kids. In most cases, restarting your computer, or simply realizing you need to go to bed for the night will solve whatever problem you’re having.

DO report problems here, or email [email protected]. Don’t feel like you have something that’s too small. Just remember, everything is probably OK.


Is anyone having issues with the forums or the main website when using Firefox?

For some reason, I can only see the last post being the ‘3-18-19 Games News’, but when I use Chrome, everything is fine…


Is it working now on FF, or are you still having issues? (I know it’s been over a week, sorry for the lateness of my reply).


Nope, still not working. But I am not sure if it is just me.


Yeah, that looks “less than ideal.”

I’m forwarding this up the line to see if there’s a problem on the SU&SD side.

(It may just be you, believe it or not. Try clearing your cache and rebooting, etc, all the usual techie mumbo-jumbo. You may have FF reloading the cache from a prior visit erroneously in order to speed up loading time. Most browsers do this, but they dump the last load on restart. FF sometimes does not “forget” and pulls up the last media from a previous visit).



This is probably it! I have been trying to price out a new pc rig and it has been very time and mentally consuming…

Thanks for the help!


I do this for a living.
I’ve facepalmed so many times when I realized, “oh, wait. The printer isn’t actually plugged in! [email protected]%@&#er!!”


Yup, I am dumb. Cleared site data and now everything is perfect. Thanks for pointing me to the obvious solution in my fragile mental state! :wink:


“Why won’t my motorcycle work?”

4 hours of monkey grease later…

“Oh, it’s out of gas!”

This is a real thing that happened.