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Forum Bug reports


Yeah. :frowning: I’ll follow up with the host provider again.


I’ve made a change to the server that hopefully should help. Let me know if performance seems better over the next few days.


Did you kick it? A lot of stuff works better when you kick it!



Failing that, bang the top of it.


The command line equivalent of it, yes…

How’s the forum felt over the last day or so? Any improvement in your experience?


I have not experienced an issue in the last 20 hours that I can remember, though I wasn’t on for a good chunk of that time. So far today, though, so good.


Right then, it’s been a few days now. Do you folks feel there’s been an improvement in server stability and response?


I’ve noticed a huge improvement over the last five days. I don’t think I’ve had a single issue since your previous comment.


Agreed. So far, since the command line kick of the server, it’s been behaving itself.


Me too, it’s working brilliantly now


Good good, I’ll consider it successfully kicked then.


Hi there,

I tried to log in to the forum his morning from work, and I seem to be blocked from doing so. The message I get is “you can’t log in as Symiant from that ip address”. Anyone else get this? Any way it can be fixed?

Also I posted this originally in the wrong place, over on the off topic help thread. I can’t see how to delete that from my mobile (which is the only way I can currently log in) so I’d be grateful if the other post can be deleted. If not I’ll take a look when I can log in at home!


Hi folks,

I’m having the same problem ("you can’t log in as michaelg from that IP address ") as @Symiant did last year.

Weirdly I’m able to log in from a different device accessing wirelessly via the same network (which is how I’m posting this).

Can anyone provide assistance?

Many thanks in advance.


I had this the other day, I was in Belgium and I logged on from my phone, only to get that message - in the end I got it to work by signing up with the same VPN that my home computer is on and using that to give my phone the same ip address as my computer - which, as solutions go, its pretty impractical for most people.


I’m not sure if anyone has intervened or whether the problem went away again of its own accord, but it all seems to have been resolved now.


I’ve just got the “you can’t log in as bruitist from that IP address” message. Even though it’s my work network that I’ve been logged in on many times before. The only difference being that I’ve changed the OS on my work PC.

I’ve just checked via my phone on the same network and I’m getting the same message.

Currently posting via my laptop on our backup network.


And now I’m in! How odd.


The same hing has happened to me several months ago (or, maybe longer), it has to do with dynamic IPs and (usually) local things that have nothing to do with what you’re doing, or what we’re doing.

They tend to be self resolving, but if this does not happen, don’t forget [email protected]


So trying to upload an image is very hit-or-miss with me. Eitherr it’s the wrong format (jpegs should work, right?) or, just now, it tells me I have to be logged in, which I already am. Occasionally it works, but more often it doesn’t.


Often you can drag-and-drop right into the text box, even directly from another website. If it doesn’t work you may have to use an image from your drive and use the upload icon (I’ll often have to save an image and then use the upload icon if the drag-and-drop doesn’t work).

This forum is generally reliable, but occasionally we do get login errors that get cleared up in less than 24 hours.

jpg, png, tif should be fine, bmp (who uses bitmaps anymore?) and animated gif may be shakey.

Try using the jpg extension instead of the jpeg extension.