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Forum Bug reports

Not sure if this is forum-sided or my (work- :blush:) PC sided, but lately (the last week or so) I seem to have a trouble with registering newly updated topics. Sometimes I see what is new, sometimes I see what was new yesterday. And when I click on such a topic, sometimes I see all the content, including the newest content. And sometimes I see one/two day old content being labeled as the newest.

Sorry, can’t explain it more, but I will try to grab some screenshots if possible

Yeah, I think there’s an issue with page caching–new posts don’t appear unless I perform a manual refresh. Even then it seems iffy sometimes. Not sure if it’s a Chrome thing or a forum thing–but it’s a thing.

Bumping this again because it’s becoming extremely annoying. I haven’t had time to investigate other browsers, but at least in Chrome, it seems like page content is never updating–manual refreshes are almost always required.

This may be something local–but if anyone else is having this problem, please chime in.

On a side note–do we have any forum tech support at this point? or only if the site is on fire?


If we have major issues we can poke @mike. I haven’t encountered the issue you seem to be be having, @clg6000, so it might be something weird with your browser.


Well this is strange. The “New Discussion” button has disappeared from the Video Games forum, at least for me. Edit: it’s missing in this forum too. I checked the purchase forum and it’s still there.


Something I just noticed and is at odds at how I remember it: Since when do post just have the month specified, and no longer the date? Only in the main forum I can see the date and time. Can it return for the subforums as well?

[edit: It seems to only affect the 2015 items, 2016 threads show up fine. So, no biggie :blush: ]


I assume this goes here, but if not please feel free to move it where it’s supposed to go. Is it just me, or has this forum become rather unstable? I’ve been getting lots of server errors and timeouts waiting for it to load in the past few weeks. Maybe the problem is on my end, but I only belong to two forums, and the other one has no issues.


I’ve been getting that too.


Yeah, I’m not sure what that is about. Could be because we’re running a beta version software, but the problem does seem to be with the hosting provider we use. When the forum is down I’m having trouble even connecting to the server. I’m looking into what I can do about it.


Is it ironic that I hadn’t experienced any of these in my brief time back yesterday and today…until I tried to click out of this thread?


The forums have been loading especially slowly for myself as of late.

Over the last week or so it’s also been throwing server errors and requiring reloads.
The error just popped up again actually:
Error 502 Ray ID: 389580afceea0a6c • 2017-08-05 00:05:04 UTC

I run Chrome on Windows 10. I assume it’s a server bandwidth issue, but what do I know, I’m a moron!


Yeah, really puffing away at the moment.


I don’t know if it’s related, but about the time the slowdowns and errors started, I began to get an error where I would appear as if I had remained logged in, but the forum responded as if I was logged out. I have to log out, then log back in to repair it, but it’s happening every 2 days or so now.


Can confirm I’m suffering from this as well.


Any updates? From my perspective it feels like it’s deteriorating.


I’ve a ticket open with the server host, but not much progress as of yet.


This is the update I got from the hosting provider:

This looks like it’s related to an ARP issue we are currently experiencing.

So they’re looking into it. Hopefully we’ll see improvements soon.


How’s the performance been the last few days for the rest of you? I feel like it’s been more responsive for me and few or no timeouts.


Honestly, today it was significantly worse this morning (UK Time) with 2 or 3 timeouts in a row - it has always been 1 up until today - but seems to be better now.


It’s definitely been getting worse in the last week. Hasn’t happened at all today, but I also haven’t been on much today.


Less downtime today, but not perfect by any means.


Still getting a lot of downtime here and there. Today has been really bad.