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Food Chain Magnate (on boardgamecore)

This isn’t strictly play-by-forum, so please let me know if I’ve put it in the wrong place, or if it’s bad form to arrange online games on another site here.

Would anyone be interested in a game of Food Chain Magnate on boardgamecore

It’s free to sign up, and the play would be asynchronous - up to 5 players.

I will give a very shy yes. I’ve never played it, it is a bit intimidating !

I am tentatively interested.

Fortunately the website does a lot of the heavy lifting with working out scores, deliveries, etc. which makes things a bit easier :slight_smile:

The first half-hour of this Heavy Cardboard video has a rules explanation, or you can download the rulebook from BGG here.

If you both still want to play after that, let me know what your username is on Boardgamecore and I’ll set up a game and invite you (and anyone else who is interested).

I probably won’t have time to set things up until tomorrow evening, since I’m playing TI4 today. So no rush!

I’m in a similar position to @Cokho; new to the game but interested in having a go

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My “tentative interest” means that this is a game that has been on my to play list for a long time, but what little free time I have is currently (still!) taken up improving the Pax Pamir 2 Vassal module, and I’m not sure when I’ll get around to learning the rules.

That said, work is still really slow, so I might be on board by Monday lunch (+9 GMT, about 18 hours from now).

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Just signed up under the same username (Cokho). Read the rules, I should get it more while we play through it, don’t expect advanced strategy from me just yet ! If we get a game going, since it is a private game on a remote website, maybe we should have the discussion thread in private messages between all the player ?

How frequent should the turns be? I’m interested.

I read the rules and made a new account Benkyo on boardgamecore.

I can set the requirement to at least one move per day, week, or month before it auto-removes a player. I was leaning towards one per month, in case anyone is sick or goes on holiday, but more frequently than that would be better :slight_smile:

That seems sensible. I believe there is also an in-game chat feature.

@Tiax and @PangolinPaws if you want to join then let me know your usernames on boardgamecore and I’ll set something up this evening (in around 8 hrs from now).

I can manage 1 move per week/month :slight_smile:
My newly created usrname on there is PangolinPaws

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A turn a week would be great (even more when it works for everyone), I would have a hard time keeping my motivation at 1 turn/month. :smile:

My username is Tiax, I’ve played FCM 2-3 times tops and I lost every single game (still had a blast!).

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I’ll need a few hours to create an account, but I’d love to join a slow moving Food Chain Magnate game. I’ve played a few times, and would love to get a chance to play more.

@MuggaMugga I’ve got one full game but happy to start another with anyone else that’s interested :slight_smile:. Let me know when you’ve set up an account.

@Cokho, @Benkyo, @PangolinPaws, and @Tiax - I’ve set everything up. I recommend changing your settings to “email when it’s my go” :grin:


One thing I don’t like in most games is really big game-winning/losing decisions on setup. It looks like restaurant placement falls into this category…

Still, that’s pretty much Splotter’s motto, if I understand correctly.

Did anyone else have trouble creating an account on board game core? It’s not letting me create an account.

Never, mind I’m now signed up with the same name here if anyone is up for a game.


It’s true that a lot of your strategy will depend on the initial placement, but that doesn’t mean there’s a single valid choice. In one of my last games, the winner decided to ignore 80% of the map and put his restaurant next to an isolated house that no roads led to. Never had to deal with any competition for the whole game, whereas the three remaining players were all at each others throats for in the main part of the map.

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That’s not a surprising strategy, as far as I can tell. It’s just another thing you have to factor in to your decisions “is there an island, and can I keep it for myself?”.

I should probably warn you all now that I won’t be very quick at taking my turns, because of all the thinking I will need to do…

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