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Food at the Convention


I am considering attending SHUX this year for the first time. I’ve visited Vancouver several times, but not in recent years. When budgeting for the trip, does anyone have an estimate of how much to realistically plan on spending on food/drink?

Also, I am curious if anyone has any recommendations for budget-friendly places to eat and/or get drinks near the convention center?

Thank you in advance!

There is a food court nearby - Subway, Tim Horton’s that are reasonably cheap.

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They also had food next to the exhibit hall. It was stuff a step above hot dogs and pizza. My wife had curry chicken one day, and I had a bite. It was rather good! Sadly, we cannot remember how much it cost, we restaurant hoped during the convention.

If I get a chance, I do not think I cleaned out my travel bag from that trip where I shove receipts. I will check in a bit to see about how much we spent.

Thanks for your reply!

I seem to remember the food inside the convention centre was about $12-$15 for the larger bowl meals and $9-$10 for the sandwiches.

You can get good value at the food court that was mentioned above. As well as fast-food type places there’s a nice variety of different cultural foods. That’s where we tended to get lunch and sometimes dinner.

Downtown Vancouver has a pretty huge variety of food options around. That part is kind of going to depend on how far you want to go and how much fast food you want to eat (it’s bad but its…cheap).

- Removed hotel information because you just straight up didn’t ask for it -

I’m attending this year for the first time too - first convention ever - I’ll see you there! :smiley:

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First trip to Shux my hubby n I didn’t plan meals well and my famous food bad luck followed us.
Seeing my replacement waffle (first one burnt black) being burnt and scrapped while I’m full view occured.
Second trip my hubs did his homework
@COMaestro do you have all the food places you looked up?

All in all from my con years, in a day, planning for easy stuff for 2 meals and one nicer makes for a good experience.

One of the more spendy (for our modest budget) was Joey’s, which has these sear salmon sushi bites with umami sauce and tempura pearls was the best bite on the trip.

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I just re-read your original post
and realized
that you did not ask for information about hotels - and for some reason I thought you did.
SO I apologize for the completely unsolicited advice -_-

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Here are the places I originally looked at when planning for our SHUX stay in 2018:


De Dutch
P2B Bistro and Bar - Pinnacle Hotel restaurant
Nero Belgian Waffle Bar


Hato Popo Japanese
The Holy Crab
Mahoney & Sons
Cactus Club Cafe Coal Harbor
Showcase Restaurant & Bar - Marriott restaurant, good but spendy
H2 Rotisserie & Bar
Forkhill House

Obviously we didn’t go to all of these places, but we did eat breakfast at P2B on our last day there and it was good and not too expensive. We tried De Dutch the day before and had miserable service for mediocre food, so I cannot recommend there.

We ate at Cactus Club, which was good with maybe slightly above average prices and the Holy Crab, which was quite the walk to get to but very good, though a little spendy. The previous year we had dined at Showcase and it was really good, but expensive.

Joey’s restaurant, as mentioned by @superjaz, was delicious and not prohibitively expensive. The first night we joined a meet-up at the Lion’s Pub which was tasty and the prices seemed reasonable.

Hope this helps.