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Flamme Rouge

Cool! I’m flying in from LA so space is tight but I can bring my base copy (& peloton?) if no one else is able to get a 3rd copy. I have painted riders too, to help keep overall rider confusion down and will bring those regardless :+1:

Am I the second or third copy? I’m local (though transit-bound) and am more than happy to provide if it keeps out of towners from having to lug more cardboard.

I have you down as providing a copy to make sure we have at least 3. I hope that’s ok!

I’m actually quite surprised that there is so much interest this year. We got 8 in the first year (and a shout out from Paul Dean as a “favourite moment” of the con) then 12 last year but even some of those were last minute additions. The fact that we already have about 20, I’m thinking that next year I may have to run time trials for spots in the final!


I wonder if the recent reprint/renewed availability has had something to do with it? Whatever the reason, I’m thrilled to see the enthusiasm; it’s a marvelous game. And yes, absolutely you can count on me to have my copy on hand.

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I’m hoping (separately to get in a race or two with Meteo! Haven’t played past Peloton yet)

Meteo is a ton of fun. Really spices things up and I promise you’ll be sold the first time a big wipeout/pileup happens (which is thankfully rare).

Dang it. Deephaven at 4 pm and I have to get into costume. Good luck to all the bicyclists!

Not sure if you have me down, but I’ll bring my copy as well.

A cobblestone bump to note that we’re getting close to having enough riders to run TWO simultaneous 12 rider tours.

So if you’re interested jump over to BGG and sign up. Also that will need a seasoned volunteer to run the second game (all the info and tracks and trackers provided)