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Flamme Rouge

I just send @pottaway a PM on this, as he’s organized the last two SHUX Flamme Rouge events. I was lucky enough to attend the first. Is there interest in donning fake spandex one more time for the 3rd annual Flamme Rouge Tour de 'Couv?


I’m in again for the 3rd annual tournament! Let’s make it a full 12 player 3-race event. Show your interest here to reserve your seat!

I’m interested! Depends on timing, of course.

Oh man this sounds awesome. I may even pack my painted minis too if you’ll let me join the peloton. (I promise not to hit the sweet sweet sugar too hard.)

I also have the first four teams as painted minis ( see here ). What do yours look like?

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Given these were the first minis I ever painted, they are, uh…a ‘little’ simpler than yours. But it was a fun experience and makes the game a bit more fun.


Love the custom jerseys on yours, and I may steal the R&S on the base! I tried to paint the base edges the colors of the card backs for each rider class but it isn’t as noticeable as the added letter.

Lettttts try that again:

(Ah that code looks more promising.)

Yup thems my rough and tumble boys.


I need to add a +1 as well for my son, who’ll be joining me again.

My brother and I would be in for this. Flamme Rouge is such a great game.

Should we think about a tentative day / time window for this?

(I’m also setting up a TI4 game for either Fri or Sat and would hate for the two to clash)

Depending on the day/time have 2 that would be interested.

The app now has event planning. Is there a specific time that best works?

This BGG forum is also widely used. Regardless I’d also love to build momentum toward a set time :+1: as I’m still trying to plan around a few long games.


I had an absolute blast playing in this last year and would love to join in again.

My brother is interested in playing as well if there are still 2 seats available!