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First Timer - do people bring their own games? How Many?

Self-explanatory title. I’ve never been to any board game convention and thus never been to SHUX. I’ve heard of the BGG community game organization list (here’s a link if you don’t know about it). But my biggest question is: is there a list of games that will be in the library for people to play? Should I bring some of my own games? How many?

I personally am not someone who likes to lug around a ton of stuff when I travel so I’m just curious what other people do? I am also someone who doesn’t get to play my games nearly as often as I’d like, so I’m super tempted to just bring all the things I’ve been wanting to play again for a while and never had the chance (Troyes, Concordia, Village) but it just seems like a lot to pack if the library is going to have a lot of selection. Any advice or info? Somewhere I can self-serve and learn about this on my own?

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Hi Junie

Yes, many people bring games to the show, but you definitely don’t have to. The library currently has approx 1000 games included in it and it’s still growing now, two weeks before the show.

If you want to see what’s currently listed in the library, check out this link on BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/collection/user/SHUX?own=1&subtype=boardgame&ff=1

That is the collection currently listed in the SHUX library. There may be more but that gives you a solid idea what’s there. If you have any other questions, don’t be afraid to ask!!

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Also note that this year there’s an option to check your games into the ‘central library’ for yourself and anyone else to use!

This way you don’t need to lug them around Day-to-Day, and you get to share the love.

You’ll pick them back up at the end of the Con. Obviously a few different pros and cons here but I know my group (and I suspect all groups) would always take extra care of copies loaned to the library.

Also a reminder to always check with your accommodation to see if they can offer baggage hold either before or after check-in/out if that helps as you explore the city before and after Con.


I have always brought some games to SHUX, usually games that I knew I wanted to play. Ultimately, I ended up not playing very many of the games I brought, but I did not regret having them available. For the first SHUX, which my wife and I attended, my copy of Fury of Dracula was finally used when I organized a game of it one evening, but other than Love Letter which my wife and I sometimes brought out when we were eating, nothing else I brought got played.

Last year, two friends came with us and we shared a hotel room. In addition to playing a game of Inis with one of them and two random people, we played Game of Thrones: Hand of the King, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, and Hey, That’s My Fish in the evenings before turning in (and actually finished the SHCD case on the drive home).

So basically, if you have a game that you are desperate to play, you might want to bring it, whether the library has a copy or not, just to guarantee that you will have it available to you when you want it. Also, if you are rooming with friends, it’s nice to have some simple stuff you can play together back at the hotel.

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The library is pretty amazing, truly. There were multiple copies of many games and I think I have only gone over looking for something specific one time and didn’t have it immediately available (and I just wandered the con for 5 minutes until I found who was playing it and was able to join them)

If there are games on your “MUST PLAY” list, then bring them! Otherwise I definitely recommend just showing up and going with the flow. See what’s in the library, see who’s playing what, and meet some people

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I bring a pile of games, but they general fall into the list of things that I haven’t gotten to play, or favor convention play or just the availability of dedicated gamers. I don’t expect them all to get played, but I do make sure that the option is there. I drive to the con though so I have a whole hatchback of room.

My advice is to bring at least one game: a game that you know and can teach. Then at SHUX, grab a Players Wanted balloon, find a spot, and set up. The players will come.

The library has added lots of titles this year, but there are holes (for example, missing a lot of Knizia classics).


While the game library is expansive, it may be hard to find any hot game as they’ll be out being played as opposed to sitting in the library. For example last year, copies of Root rarely had long to wait. Similarly, for games that people currently have a hard time buying because not enough copies were printed.

Past that, short games (to fill time waiting for an event or game to start) come in handy or small games that are easy to bring along.

If I have space in my luggage, I’ll see if I can fill any holes.

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Which Knizia games are missing?

I’m familiar with the list and BGG Organized Play geeklist. I’m bringing Tigris and Euphrates. Ra, Samurai, and Taj Mahal are missing, for example.

It’s probably worth point out that if you want to play any game SUSD have reviewed - especially a recent review - either plan ahead or hope for the best. Those games were super hot in the library last year.

That said, usually people could be found sitting at tables with a Looking For Players balloon up. It wasn’t too hard to join in one


wow thanks everyone for all the wonderful responses! I feel encouraged to bring some games now, knowing that even if I don’t play them, I can always leave them at the library for others to play instead. Thanks for all the wonderful feedback!


On a quick realted note, does anyone have advice on physically packing games? Id like to bring one or two games but am worried about the weight and how they might hold up for plane travel in my luggage.

I pack mine in hard case suitcases alongside my clothes and try to fill the boxes so the cardboard doesn’t crunch down.

Sometimes that means double-packing games in the same box (or triple!) . This also saves space!

You can also put clothes and such in your game boxes.

You want full, but not completely stuffed boxes. For weight - you just have to be careful.

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I’m trading 8 games in the math trade, so this is likely what I’ll do:

  • Put all the boards into the box that will fit them all
  • Put all the bagged components into marked bags for each game
  • Nest smaller boxes inside larger
  • Carry-on empty boxes, but everything else into luggage.