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First game that SU&SD got you to buy?

It’s hard for me to remember what game SU&SD alone convinced me to get. I’d suspect Azul, but maybe Eldritch Horror. Every time I see one of their videos I’m tempted to get whatever they’re playing. Even with all their criticisms of Root, seeing them play it still made me want it.

I am particularly shocked I still don’t have those. I saw the reviews, they hit all the right chords with the way I like to game, I followed the Flamme Rouge PBF games here in the forums (hey, psssst! by the way, it’s been a while).

Arrgh. Sometimes I think I need to either rob a bank or seduce a banker to get a place to store all the games I want to love (on, and also pay for them).

(Also, I would never rob anyone. That’s just evil and not cool at all. Note, I do not deny seduction for my theoretical plan).

How does one play Flamme Rouge in the forum. I am intrigued…

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Also guilty!

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Flamme Rouge can be a little elaborate as a PBF, but here are a few links:

Link One

Link Two

(I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself) Link Three:




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I’d been playing games with a group for about a year and was getting into Will Wheaton’s TABLETOP channel when something (I think Pandemic) led me to SU&SD (which I kept calling SD&SU for about a month).

At the same time I’d been taken in by another group who had a much more impressive and varied collection and I wanted to start building my own.

But where to begin?

It was just before Christmas, and I found Matt’s 2018 recommendations video.

A few weeks later I owned COCKROACH POKER, and a few weeks after that, I had an epic showdown with my first go at it. Me and a rival player forgot other players existed and I bluffed to the ends of the earth to make them the loser.

Matt was right. Brilliant game.


Memoir 44 was the first one. Since then I’ve picked up 878 Vikings and Captain Sonar on their rec.

Memoir 44 also got me started on the whole Command & Colours thing, which led to me also getting Battles of Westeros and Red Alert: Space Fleet Warfare. My wallet thanks SU&SD for their service.

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Every time I see Memoir '44 mentioned, it makes me wish Battlelore 2nd Edition was still in print. I love the theme so much more, and would pick it up in a heart beat if I could (for a fair price).

If you’re into science fiction, Red Alert: Space Fleet Warfare has almost exactly the same ruleset, just with spacecraft instead of knights etc.

BattleLore 2E is one of those games that seems to turn up fairly often at reasonable prices (FF printed a metric butt-ton of copies, apparently). Right now, Amazon UK has not only 2 new copies left at the original price, but quite a few of the expansions.

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I’m lucky enough to pay decently for OOP Army Packs. They are used, and they weren’t cheap, but they weren’t stupid prices.

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My first SUSD purchase from a review was Kemet. I wanted a 2nd opinion on it other than Dice Tower so a little YouTube video followed and that was it… sold.

I still remember the SUSD super computer and thinking that it must have been a funny bit they did at the end of all their reviews. Nope. Where is that computer now anyway? Can’t we use it to sort out Brexit? Please…

I’ve asked the supercomputer how to sort out Brexit, and apparently it requires babies. It is unclear how many will be required, or exactly what they are needed for, but the supercomputer was extremely clear on the general point.


Probably a whole generation of babies to sort it out.

Captain Sonar! Quinn’s video review just hyped me up so much about what games could be. I’ve only been able to played it a few times, but SUSD has definitely shaped what I come to look for in a game I’d want to own and I get to share that excitement with whomever I can!


That’s definitely a game where I’d like to know somebody who owns it - rather than buying it myself :smiley:
Looks like great fun, but I’m sure I’d barely ever get to play it.

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@whistle_pig, I would also like to know someone else who owns it who is not me. However, I knew I’d probably never know that person, so I bought it myself.

@sidney Not my first game SU&SD got me to buy (scroll way up for that), but I wouldn’t have bought it if it wasn’t for this place. It’s a work of art.

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I’m not positive, but I think it was the X-Wing miniatures game.

I was already thinking about getting that game and had seen other reviews, so as far as games that I had no clue about that SU&SD sold me on, Mysterium is the one that comes to mind.

As an aside, the SU&SD crew do a better job of getting me to understand whether or not I’ll like a game than any other reviewers. Even in cases where I disagree with their conclusions, I still feel like I understand the game.

For some reason, Tom Vasel makes me want to stop playing games entirely.


I like Tom because he knows plain ol’ fun, mechanically. SU&SD knows and cares all about the fun those mechanisms inspire above the board. Totally different viewpoints but both valuable, in my opinion.


SVWAG is another crew that can help me understand if I’m likely to enjoy a game, even if they don’t.