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First game that SU&SD got you to buy?


As a relatively newcomer to the hobby, thanks in main part to YouTube (1. Dice Tower, 2. SUSD), I would say the first one was Freedom: The Underground Railroad, exclusively because of Paul’s frank and honest review. It hit home and made me realize that board gaming could effect its players on a totally different level beyond fun/not fun.

Good luck, Paul.


Concordia. :sunglasses:

Such a great game.


Galaxy Truckers - closely followed by Terra Mystica and the N
Machi Koro. Discovered SU&SD in Oct 2017. Love them all still (SU&SD and the games)


Flamme Rouge. I love this game and everyone I introduce it to loves it too, even though we always get the rouleururuuur and the sprinteueuerureur cards mixed up. I stll think it’s their best review video as well, and I am supported in this by my 8-year-old and my 12-year-old, who actually ASK to watch it again, and never fail to crack up at the Quinns-gobbling-sugar-and-sidelong-look “Oh, I Dunno…” response to Matt’s “How are you so good at this?”


Similar story for me. I bumped into them on youtube, but did not do much with it. Saw the little bit on Letters From Whitechaple. Instantly was thought it was a game I had to own. Though I found it between print runs and paid a bit much for it.This point it is still my favorite game I own going on 4ish years.


My first purchases post SUSD discovery was the triple threat of Flamme Rouge, Ex Libris and Survive! Escape from Atlantis. All have been great successes at my table.


Escape the Curse of the Temple! Stumbled upon the video review back in 2013 shortly after returning from a trip to Malaysia. A trip during which I had been introduced to the modern board game scene from an evening at a board game cafe in Kuala Lumpur. Came home with a mind full of new titles to explore, thought Escape sounded interesting so went hunting for reviews. This is where I discovered SU&SD.


Space Alert!


The first game I got from watching SU&SD reviews was Flamme Rouge, it didn’t seem too complicated and had a really fun theme. Now it is a staple in my games collection (although I don’t get to play it as much as I would like ,which is really sad seeing how good it is).



Although the version they reviewed was the bigger version “Captain Sonar” but the smaller one still looks like fun. I may eventually get the larger one but this one is better for small gatherings. I bought it at London Comic-Con in October and may not get a chance to play till my birthday in May!



I was so excited to play it I bought it and set up a board game night to play it. I even sent everyone a link to the review to be ready to go when they arrived.


+1 for Concordia.
(not sorry)


First game I explicitly purchased on Shut Up & Sit Down’s recommendation was Container. I owned a few SU/SD recommended titles already by coincidence, but Container was the first one I actually sought out after seeing the review, and I scooped it up when I finally saw a copy on a shelf. Very nicely priced, too, I might add.


Both Suburbia and Archipelago from the Hexagonal Tile-Laying Game Fest 2013.


One of my fave episodes ever


I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon SUSD. I think I was looking for a review of Star Wars Armada or something else Star Wars, but I watched like 15 different reviews because I wasn’t aware of all the different kinds of games out there since I hadn’t really played anything other than Werewolf, Ticket to Ride, or Monikers for several years.

The game that I knew I needed immediately, though, was Railroad Ink, and I absolutely adore that game.


Same! So much so that I did immediately go purchase both games and watched the entire back catalogue of videos. I ended up selling my copy of Archipelago a while ago (despite it being one of my favorite games—the uncomfortable questionable racism made it difficult to introduce to new friends), but still have Suburbia proudly on my shelf.


I believe the first game I got because of them was Kemet. My friend was offloading some games and that was one of them. I searched YouTube to check it out and what came up was my first experience of SU&SD.

I ended up buying it. Only played it like 2 times so far, though. Need to get it out.

A lot of publishers owe SU&SD a thanks, now. I’ve bought a lot of games because of them and Watch it Played.


I think the only ones their reviews completely talked me into are Flamme Rouge, and Welcome to… They definitely pushed me over the edge with buying Food Chain Magnate though.


Only SUSD** have made me splurge cash above £50 - Food Chain Magnate and Feast for Odin.

(**Yes. There’s Cthulhu Wars, and I blame SVWAG for that!)