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First game that SU&SD got you to buy?


Being a bit of a gnarly old gamer I find that I often disagree with SUSD’s reviews, especially the ones for lighter or social games. I just enjoy watching them for the humour. Oh, and their podcast is one of the better ones out there.

That said, Paul’s* video review of Panamax convinced me that this was a title I should own. I had been umming and arring about it and their video was what made me go out and buy it.

*Appropriately, considering how this thread started.


But co-ops are for EVERYBODY!


On the D&DAS games front–I am an advocate of them as a quick, fun alternative to a full-voice dungeon crawl. But, Imperial Assault is a far superior game, IMO, if you have the time and inclination to set it all up and run through some of the campaign.

I recently set up Descent again (with the app for solo play) and it really cemented for me the place of the Descent/IA system as the pinnacle of the dungeon crawler category. Going over the rules again, I could see Descent getting a 3rd edition reset sometime, but for now, it’s the closest you can get to playing D&D in a board game, hands down.

The last D&DAD game I got was the Temple of Elemental Evil, which I was disappointed by. I read some of the design diaries which talked about taking the adventure out of the dungeons and into towns, and a revised campaign/leveling mechanism–but the town was really just a different tile background, and the leveling system seriously mucked with the item deck (for the worse, I feel). Some good ideas that fell flat. I was still sorely tempted to pick up Tomb of Annie L. Ayshion (especially after learning Ameritrash legend Kevin Wilson was at the helm), but just couldn’t bring myself to risk disappointment. I did break down and get the Steam version of the game (there is one retitled Tales from Candlekeep for some reason), but barely played through the opening scenario before forgetting about it.

I still love the idea though that these games all integrate, and could be used to craft one mega campaign (would require yet another revamp for the leveling rules, though, I think). And I still have Ashardalon, Drizzt, ToEE, and all the Dungeon Command boxes (another underrated game I think).

I think you’ve answered this elsewhere @Tika, but how different is the campaign system in Annihilation? Do you think it integrates well with other stuff?


I feel exactly the same way. That’s part of the reason why I’ve always loved the idea of miniatures games like Warhammer/Infinity etc.

While I love the idea of those games, the ridiculous cost of entry, table space, and everything that goes with those games (including rulers and measuring tapes!) has kept me away. That’s what I like about the whole “army skirmish” genre becoming a big thing in board games, usually in the form of arena battles (some of which are actually really good games, and not just ways to sell minis on Kickstarter!)

PS…the Stuffed Fables minis are fantastic! :wink:

PPS, if you really want to play with toys, you should check out Gaslands It’s a rule set for vehicular war fare and/or races, in a Mad max future, that uses Hot Wheels scale cars!!!


I can’t remember exactly what the differences are, but I just have the vague feeling of Tomb of Annihilation being better. You get to spend money on bonuses that you can bring into scenarios, which I think ToEE didn’t have?

The strength of the system is that you can introduce it to children and non-gamers. But the simplicity is also its weakness. I like Descent more, but I don’t think the then-6-year-old could have handled it.


Now to answer the actual question–I’ve really had to wrack my brain. I’ve been a game collector for a long time, and so I was plugged into BGG from the earlier days (when Puerto Rico was king). I kinda drifted in and out of games for a bit, but when I came back, I was watching some of the old school reviewers (Vasel, Scott, …The Gamer’s Table? They weren’t all great early on…). Then I started actually buying the occasional new title.

Well, new to me, since I think the first official new game I remember getting to spark off my diving back into the games pool was Talisman–certainly not an SUSD recommendation.

But I found SUSD not long afterwards, (I think through their Dice Tower/Penny Arcade connections at the time). The first game review of theirs I was really excited to see was Descent (1st)–I had been lusting after it for a bit, but it was already a little hard to get at that point. Eventually I got Mage Knight (as a replacement for Descent 1st–that wasn’t quite what I had wanted) and then Descent Second Edition (which was!) But still, though SUSD were an influence, I was already pretty into both titles before finding their reviews.

The first game I got specifically because I saw it on SUSD was Mundus Novus, a mostly forgotten card trading game from Bruno Cathala which seemed pretty fun for what it was. Sadly, I’ve yet to play it with other humans–it’s an odd bird, and is from far enough back in the mists of time that it gets lost compared to new hotness at game night. Still, it’s a solid set collection game I think, very portable, and pretty enough to look at.

I think I can also give them credit for introducing me to Darkest Night (though that also could have been discovered from some top solo games lists I follow). I recently broke down and upgraded to the deluxe, complete edition, which is well worth it if you can find it on sale, otherwise, it’s a bit pricey to jump in on without trying it first. It’s basically like a simplified Arkham/Eldritch Horror, but with some cool character power combos to explore.

That’s the best I can tease out. Since then, there have been many games I’ve been influenced to get at least in part because of them (Pandemic Legacy I remember being pretty hyped about because of Quinn’s review), and several I’ve gotten despite their less than glowing reviews (Warhammer DiscWars, Sentinals, SW:Rebellion, etc.)

Their recommendations to me these days are secondary to the meat of their reviews–I feel like I can triangulate my feelings about a game from them and other sources, and that may not align with their overall verdict. Which, I think, is as it ought to be.


What the…after I read that, my bank card jumped out of my pocket and bought it for me.

This is the worst thread, ever.


I feel this is the most valuable aspect of SU&SD reviews, that makes them stand out from the rest. Everyone says whether or not they like a game, but I feel SU&SD really delves into the games and emphasizes both what works and does not work for them, giving the viewer/reader good insight into whether or not THEY will like the game.


I only insta-buy their SUSD recommends (if I fancy that game) because the damn thing would go out of stock faster than you’d like to!

E.g. Lowlands.


You’re welcome?! :thinking: (The enemy minis are where it’s at!!!)


Bang! and Citadels were the first games I ever bought and what set me down this hobby. I was in my first year at university at the time, and I really have SUSD to thank for my involvement in scene. Those two purchases eventually grew with Cosmic Encounter being added to my collection and I really haven’t looked back since. I was vaguely aware of tabletop games, having briefly ran a 4E DnD campaign during my senior year of high school, but I was firmly a video game player at the time. That’s since reversed and I now find all of my gaming hours now given over to the table.


Captain Sonar, I believe. This feels like a million years ago now, but their reviews are definitely what pushed me back into the hobby, and further than before. I actually got into them through Cool Ghosts, which I found because Jim Sterling followed them on YouTube (thanks Jim!). After I started checking them out I reaalized that my friends and I had watched Paul’s Kingdom Death review like a year earlier.


It was definitely Quantum, and then Kemet.

Followed by Condottiere, Crossing, Cube Quest, Diamant, Dogs of War, Funemployed, Go Cuckoo, Gravwell, Istanbul, Ladies, and Gentlemen, Last Will, The Metagame, Mysterium, Not Alone, Once Upon A Time, Patchwork, Ra, Samurai, Samurai Spirit, Secrets, Space Alert, Spyfall, Survive!, Sushi Go, Tash Kalar, (GASP) and Welcome to the Dungeon.

I’ve done alright with them.


I started watching SUSD so many years ago I don’t even remember what’s the first title I bought because of their recommendation. If I have some time the next days I will do some research on that and try to answer this question :smiley:


Yeah, this is a tough question for us long-time Pearheads. Still, it’s a good excuse to go back and peruse those first long-form SUSD episodes…I was just enjoying that “How to host a game night” bit–funny, yet also an insightful bit of inside gamer baseball. Those guys! I miss 'em.


First I thought it was Coup, then I watched the video and recognized that I had it way before that. After that I haven’t done more research.


So, SU&SD has given me some great recommendations for board games, most recently I purchased Captain Sonar. And let me tell you, one of my friends liked that game so much that I finally have someone other then me trying to organize a board game night.

The first game I purchased because of SU&SD was probably Space Cadets based on, at the time, their hilarious play through. Bought it shortly thereafter but man this game is not meant for me. Over the course of 4 years I brought it around amongst different groups and not once did we have a fun game. I wanted, I wanted so hard to like this game but I never once could.


I have been so tempted by Space Cadets as well, but I’ve never managed to pull the trigger. It was just too expensive for a game that I expected to rarely hit the table with my group. Space Alert is much the same. Some of my players don’t handle real-time games very well.


I recently received Space Cadets in a trade (also desired due to the SU&SD playthrough). I had a pretty good sense of a good group to get together for it though, since we had recently had a Captain Sonar party (Dips & Blips) and there were some people who really got into that. So I thought, “Ah, my crew.” And sure enough we all enjoyed it heavily and have another date set up for Mission 2. It all depends on the people.


I am pretty sure I bought 2 or 3 games in swift successuion based upon finding this marvelous place.
… … … Yep, 3.

Bärenpark (Thanks Paul! Me and the kids love it, the very best of luck to you.)
Pandemic Legacy

I then got lost on the Kickstarter band wagon for a while and spent far too much money due to that, but have swung back round and recently purchased Dead of Winter, and aim for Twilight Imperium soon.

Similarly, games I almost bought but didn’t (or am de-prioritising) thanks to SU&SD:
First Martian
Terraforming Mars