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First game that SU&SD got you to buy?


Mine is also from the excellent Science Fiction Special; Race for the Galaxy. I remember being enchanted by Paul and Quinns galivanting around London with their “futuristic” attire and intrigued by them trying to decipher odd symbols about the city. I don’t think I would have ever sought it out myself without this video and it’s still in my top 10 today… 8 years later, wow!


Android: Netrunner. Hands down. Their review of it piqued my interest, but watching Matt and Quinns do a let’s play of a match, effectively showing me how the game actually played, made me say to myself “I want to have this experience, I want to play this game.”


The first one I remember going from watching the review to owning the game in less than a week was Inis. Between the excellent art and novel game play I was sold. If I recall correctly (which is unlikely) they don’t cover the rules for the yellow cards in the review after specifically referring to them. I think I partially got the game just to see what they did.

No regrets.


I had to think hard about this. I believe the first game I bought solely on account of SUSD coverage, without having seen prior reviews elsewhere, was K2. I’ve seen varying opinions of this one from other people, but I’ve always been happy that I bought it. I really need to get Broad Peak to the table sometime, though.


I had only recently started getting into board games - someone showed me Sheriff of Nottingham and Skull, which piqued my interest in seeing what modern board games were all about. I then took a chance by purchasing Ticket to Ride because of good things people said about it. After the first play of that, I got really excited about the possibility of newer games, so I looked in my podcast directory for “board games” and found SUSD. The recent episode was the most recent Pearple’s Awards episode, and it entertained the hell out of me. I have been listening since and using their reviews as my go-to ones, so when Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King went on a big sale on Amazon, I looked it up on SUSD and saw Paul’s review, so I bought it. I still haven’t been able to get it to the table, but I don’t regret that purchase at all - still really excited about it.

Ironically, the individual who showed me Sheriff of Nottingham and Skull hadn’t heard of SUSD despite his large game collection, and so I introduced him to the podcast a month or so ago. I feel like that’s an adequate payback for opening the doors to this hobby for me.


I’m not 100% certain which is the first game that SU&SD got me to play. I initially got back into board gaming due to Wil Wheaton’s TableTop series, which introduced me to games like Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, and many others. I came to SU&SD much later after seeing some of their stuff show up on The Escapist, having largely ignored them when they were on Penny Arcade, much to my later chagrin.

I’m going to have to guess either Letters from Whitechapel, which I put on my Christmas list one year, or Escape the Curse of the Temple as my first game acquisition that was influenced by SU&SD. There have certainly been many others since then, however. :smiley:


Netrunner. Quinns going on and on and on about it in The Escapist days finally drove me to buy it. Then Ihad no one to play with. A friend said she knew a board game night with a lot of netrunner. All these years later and those guys are my main gaming group.

Without Netrunner I doubt i would even be much of a gamer!

Suburbia and Archipelago were soon after.


I was trying to decide between the exact same two as COMaestro, although on further reflection I’m a little more certain that it was Escape.


Great minds think alike!


Catacombs, I think, way back from the dex games special (I think that was even before the lads caved in to YouTube), although I can’t be sure if that was the first. It may have been Cockroach Poker.

I do know for sure the first game I bought because of another member’s recommendation. It was The Legend of Drizzt, one of the D&D board games, and was one of @mae’s, excuse me, @Tika’s recommendations, and that went down really well. So well that I’m thinking of getting Castle Ravenloft for my younger boy’s birthday (which is a lie, I’d really be getting it for me).


Aww yay! :heart: There is also Tomb of Annihilation, which has the best campaign system of the D&D board games, and vegepygmies, which are pretty much exactly what they sounds like. My only disappointment is the lack of an undead T. rex that vomits zombies.


I could totally house-rule that in.

My only issue with Drizzt are the figures that represent a mass of baby spiders. Not gameplay-wise, just that they exist. They totally give me the willies.

Still, though, I guess that’s a strong recommendation for the component design (which is excellent)!

I will go with your Tomb of Annihilation recommendation though. You’ve never steered me wrong so far. I might go with both, although my wallet is actually sobbing right now.

I suppose I should also mention The Game of 49, here. It’s a cross between a bidding game and Connect Four/Tick-Tac-Toe that @Boydesian gave me as a gift (he helped playtest it with his friend who designed it. It’s also quite good, we played while having coffee. If you can find it, pick it up, it’s a lot of fun.)

We would have never met each other if it wasn’t for SU&SD. It wasn’t the first game that SU&SD got me to buy, but it was the first one another member gave me.

Also, later we played what may have been the first game SU&SD got me to buy, (as stated above) Catacombs!


Arboretum but I kind of wanted this game already. I saw the review, I was laughing laudly, I replayed it few times and I cooked some broccoli. I love this game dearly. It’s stressful and relaxing at the same time. I agree with every single thing Quinns and Matt said about the game. Including weird pronounciation of ‘arboretum’!

On the other hand, I also bought Betrayal in the House on the Hill which I later regreded. Idea of the game was great but rules and scenarios were badly written and, in our case (4-5 people), traitor would always easly win. Review, however,is hilarious


Paul’s highly provocative Azul review put it on my radar as it’s definitely not something I’d consider.
Since I’m planning on picking it up soon I’ll include Fog of Love for in part to Matt & Quinn’s very… Sexual… Review…
Hrm I’m seeing a pattern here.


The essential truth of every game purchase I’ve made, beyond Stuffed Fables! lol. I do (almost) always consider if my son and/or girlfriend will enjoy the game, but I always buy it because deep down, I want it!

Continuing on the D&D discussion, I just found out that the new campaign book Dungeon of the Mad Mage is getting an Adventure game in March of 2019! I don;t know anything about the book as i don’t play D&D, but it I’m sure the game will be fun.

The Adventure series has been on my radar for awhile (I also asked @Tika about them once when she posted pictures of her collection), but opted for Imperial Assault for this Christmas (I think the theme and the fact that it comes with a skirmish mode sold it). Maybe for his birthday…


I hadn’t heard that! It’s the perfect fit for the D&D Adventure Game series. It’s Undermountain, which is a massive (23 levels covered in the book, and there are more!) dungeon below the city of Waterdeep.


I’m about to play that in DnD proper


This has been on my list for so long…Plaid Hat…

This thread is pure evil, I’m going to be so broke. But I think I have at least 8 cubic feet of shelf space…


@Tika - That sounds pretty fun.
I do like that they can all integrate together.

@MinuteWalt - if I’m honest, I dont love it. Combining the dice drafting with the specific use dice can lead to multiple frustrating turns in a row.

I don’t hate the game, and the theme and writing are fantastic. It can be pretty fun, but also painful at times. I really should get it to the table again. We’ve only finished 3 of the 7 stories.


(I know, Plaid Hat is either fantastic-to-merely good, but I really want those figures!

I feel embarrassed to say this, but I do love the toys that come with some games. It’s like I’ve never emotionally progressed beyond the age of 12.)