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First game that SU&SD got you to buy?


As we all process the news of Paul leaving SU&SD (and certainly best wishes for him and whatever he chooses to do), I’m sure I’m not the only one reminiscing about how we got introduced to SU&SD and how influential it was in our pursuing the board gaming hobby…

So, my question to you…what is the first game that you purchased based on Shut Up & Sit Down’s coverage of it? Was it a game that you weren’t familiar with? Was it a game that you knew about but needed the nudge of a comprehensive review to get you to plunk down your hard earned cash?

I’ll tell you mine. It was “Jazz–The Singing Card Game.”

Found in the video review of “1812: The Invasion of Canada”, they take a break to play this delightfully silly card game, where you have to play a sequence of cards featuring jazz scat syllables and repeat them in order or be forced to keep the stack.

I saw this in 2015…when I was in the hospital and needing a webseries to keep my mind off of chemotherapy and all that comes with it. A nurse on my wing found out that I liked board games and pushed SU&SD hard on me–that I couldn’t live on just Beer & Board Games and The Dice Tower alone.

I think this might have been the first SU&SD video I saw (I’d catch up over time. :wink: )…and I immediately tracked down the manufacturer who directed me to a UK-based game store and ordered both that and the similar “Them’s Fightin’ Words” (and paid way too much in shipping to get it to me in Seattle.)

The manufacturer has tried to kickstarter a few more games–I’ve backed them all because that way I could get more copies of Jazz & TFM–because everyone I’ve played them with wants their own copies…but none of them got funded.

Jazz is available via Amazon.co.uk–but they won’t ship to the US… I’ve got one copy in the home of a UK-based friend who promises to bring it with her the next time she visits the US (or she’ll give it it to me if I ever get myself back to the UK.)

…and I have SU&SD to thank for that.

It would definitely NOT be the LAST game that SU&SD convinced me to buy…but it was the first.

How about you? What was the first game SU&SD convinced you that you needed to own?


I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have bought Bunny Bunny Moose Moose without SU&SD’s coverage of it. Either that or Pictomania - I can’t remember which I bought first.

EDIT: On reflection, I think I bought Pictomania in English and Japanese primarily because of SU&SD’s incredibly positive mentions of the game (maybe even before the review?), while I bought a German edition of Bunny Bunny Moose Moose more because of my growing obsession with Vlaada Chvatil than the excellent SU&SD episode of rhyming couplets. So, Pictomania is my answer. Probably. 2011?


I’m really wracking my brain here, but I think… Hive? The thing that brought me to the site first was a search for top board game lists. I read about it on the SU&SD top 50, which feels like it was a lot longer ago than 2015. Funny that the first recommendation I bought is a game Paul said in the list he didn’t like.

The most memorable recommendations were for Machi Koro, and of course Tales of the Arabian Nights. That’s still one of my favorite objects.


Not completely sure, but I think either Quantum or Suburbia (on the basis of Hexagonal Tile-Laying Game Fest 2013).

♫ It’s beginning to look a lot like Hexagonal Tile-Laying Game Fest-mas… ♪


It was Tammany Hall. Thanks, Paul!


Cunning sleuthing of old emails has narrowed it down to Spyfall. I also found a pic of my collection pre-SUSD and it’s quite sad. Probably the only really great game there is Carcassonne.


Consulting detective. Changed my idea of what is a board game completely.


Gloomhaven. Thanks for the hole in the wallet and the great game recommendation.
Thinking about getting root.


The first one is hard to remember, probably either Consulting Detective, or Tales of the Arabian NIghts. Paul’s written review was enough to convince my wife to take a punt on Patchwork, which she loves.


I only found SU&SD earlier this year. The first two games I bought solely based on their reviews were Skull and Welcome to…* back in August. I was ordering Skull and the site had just received Welcome to. I lucked out as that was before the rush of people grabbing it.

Skull was a ton of fun, and hoping to get WT to the table soon.


I can’t remember what the first one was (a bad sign) but I can remember the first two games I saw on the site (cash and guns + adventurers Horus) both of which I bought later on the back of their review - even though they were sniffy about Horus.


Mine was actually the game through which I found SUSD: Cosmic Encounter. My friend was showing me artwork of some of the aliens and I thought it looked like the most over-the-top stuff (like the marshmallow peeps of the Horde). I loved it. So I did some googling, learned more about the game, and then found their Let’s Play. I was sold on both the game and the site.


Almost certainly it was Mysterium. That let’s play they did was hilarious and sold me on it.

Several others followed, of course.


Do you know what? I think mine might have been Jazz as well. Watching Quinns and Brendan make complete tits of themselves for 90 glorious seconds completely sold it to me.

More reviews like this please. :slight_smile:


A friend introduced me to Shut Up &Sit Down back in their Penny Arcade days, so 2012 or 2013 (I can’t remember exactly when). I think the first game I bought because of their review was Suburbia. It looked very much my jam, and it very much was. I was very interested in urban planning back then and still am to a lesser degree.


I’m not entirely sure, but I think it was Twilight Imperium (3rd ed. + BOTH Expansions) after watching the Sci-Fi Special. I now own 4th ed. as well, but have yet to play either of them. Regardless, it makes me happy to know that I can.


You made me realize the first game was actually Forbidden Stars. I believe it was a comment about FS in their review of Rising Sun, which led me to their review of it (FS), which then led me down a rabbit hole of more reviews.

After thinking I’d never get to play it, I found a Canadian site that had limited stock (turns out its not super limited - went in with my son on our last trip to Toronto and they have at least 10-15 copies, and it’s even cheaper if you buy there vs online!).

Anyway, like you With TI, I have yet to play it, but I will one day!


Looking at my purchase history since I discovered SUSD back in 2015, most of the games I was buying were still based off the WW Tabletop playthroughs.

The first one I bought on SUSD’s recommendation would have to be Terra Mystica in 2016, because that video was so enthusiastic as I made my way through their archives.


I think it was Arkham Horror the LCG, but I could easily be wrong…


The first game that I would not have otherwise purchased is Skull, and that one has been a big hit with family and friends. My two girls absolutely love it - and I love playing it with them. It’s hilarious to watch them bluff each other and everyone else.