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Find me a Podcast


Daft Souls is nowhere near frequent enough for me any more so I need something else to add to my podcast feed to get my Gaming fix. I already have the Eurogamer podcast (That varies wildly in frequency too) and have removed the Videogamer.com podcast from my list (It went massively downhill after it was bought by Resero Network).

So I need some recommendations of what to listen to.

The rules are…

  1. Must be British presenters. Sorry but American/Canadian accents cause me to zone out and not really listen.
  2. Must be about Video Gaming, preferably multi platform.
  3. Similar target audience as Daft Souls or if anyone remembers it the GameSpot UK Podcast (Easily my favourite back when Jane Douglas, Johnny Chiodini and Guy Cocker were there)
  4. Weekly or Bi-Weekly (or at least regular)

Does anyone know anything that fits this (Admittedly very narrow) niche?


The Crate and Crowbar are very good, but definitely PC specific if that’s an issue. (For me it’s a plus as I don’t own any modern consoles.)


The only British podcast I listen to (besides SU&SD) is the IGN UK Podcast. Not really sure it would fit your criteria though, as I’ve never heard of/listened to the ones you mentioned.


Never heard of Daft Souls??? If you like what you get at Cool Ghosts then you should definitely check it out, its more of the same.


Well…to be fair I’ve never listened to Cool Ghosts either.

My gaming podcast/YouTube content is primarily The Giant Bombcast/Beastcast, Kinda Funny, and a few of the IGN shows; primarily UK and the AU Pubcast. If I’m honest, those two IGN ones are barely gaming anymore, and more general pop culture, and being drunk/hungover fools, lol.



Seriously they are worth checking out. Im assuming you would like Matt and Quinns talking about Video Games being as you listen to them talking about board games at least.


You are correct good man! I’ll add it to my list tonight! Thanks for finally giving me the motivation to do so.