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Favorite video game music?

I took a nap while listening to this, and it was an awesome nap. It was just the right kind of ambient music I needed.

I can’t believe Ben Prunty hasn’t been added to this topic already (I feel personally that it’s my fault, I should have posted it years ago), his stuff for FTL: Faster Than Light is amazing, and I’ve played the heck out of this game, and the OST. I’d play this in the car if I had one (I ride a motorbike, no car), and I had it on the playlist for work at my old job.


I think their follow up to Bastion, Transistor, has an even better soundtrack - its some of the only videogame music I listen to regularly:

In Circles and Paper Boats are my faves


I played FTL for way too many hours, so many that I am ashamed to tell you…
That I never turned of the music is really telling how good and fitting it is!

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I still play it, @nerdvsgame. Every once in a while, I just crave it. And yeah, the adaptive soundtrack don’t make things worse at all :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@Bondy034 I love the Transistor OST, but Build That Wall nails the Bastion soundtrack for me (A Proper Story doesn’t hurt, either).

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@MinuteWalt Build That Wall is a cracker! :slight_smile:


Thanks to everyone for music to listen to over the weekend. There are lots I haven’t heard because I haven’t play those games. Do people find that the enjoyment of the music is amplified by the emotions from playing the game?


Yeah kudos to everyone who has contributed so far, and also props to @jgf1123 for starting the thread. I never invested much in the portable nintendo fare, so I haven’t played Layton or Phoenix Wright, but I’m entranced by the two tracks you posted! Love the moods, I’ll be checking the soundtracks for sure!

@twispby It’s almost cheating to post Nobuo Uematsu. Final Fantasy music is just too gooood. My first one was IX, so my best memories/music memories are with Zidane and company, but my wife walked down the aisle to the FF:VII AC version of Aeri(s)th’s theme.

@lovvbar The cuphead music is just FIRE. But also stresses me out like crazy? I really love this one:

@Benkyo very obscure (to me) and very cool! Not bad piano sample considering the time period.

@MinuteWalt I think I’ve heard this guy before. Great cover. Shadow of the Colossus absolutely floored me when I first played it. The atmosphere was just incredible. I pray daily for a remake.

Here’s one of the first games I ever played and loved:

This theme still raises my blood and gets me ready for ADVENTURE. And makes me fear bees.

I’ve got more songs to add, but I’m too busy working down what everyone is posting!


I think the impressive thing is that it isn’t a sample, AFAIK.

I think the best place to start with Phoenix Wright music are the orchestra recordings as they select some of the best themes from across the series, though they leave out the more cartoony ones that are also full of character:

Also, I forgot the theme song from Civ 4:

Christopher Tin also wrote the theme song for Civ 6 and the soundtrack for Offworld Trading Company.

(I meant that it is a sampled piano sound on a synthesizer)

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Thanks to this thread, I learned that “cold storage” from the Wipeout tracks is the same guy who made the Agony intro. Now that was a surprise.

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:astonished: All of the yes that ever yessed. Did you just say that to troll us? (I know you didn’t, but it reminds me of the movie Amadeus, which none of you millennials have ever seen, where Mozart kills the music during a ballet rehearsal, and then it’s just people dancing on a quiet stage, and Emperor Joe II reverses his decision on making ballet illegal).

Okay, so I listen to a LOT of video game music. Helps me write.

My favourites, in no particular order:

(the intro for the 2nd one is… I get shivers just thinking about it).

And then a few shorter ones (rather than full soundtracks):


Oh man…here’s another one. Sorry all.


Not music, but Eurogamer posted a video that looks into video game concerts:

While I’m here, the video that got me thinking about video game music originally:


I super like Suikoden. I even read an english translation of the “Water Margin” in college cause I like Suikoden so much.

I appreciate Nier even though I didn’t finish it. I played all of the side content in first half including the flower side quest, but then I got distracted and never finished the game.

I enjoyed Fate Stay Night alot. I had a period of two weeks where I was researching fantasy novels with the goal of making the theme of my game not generic fantasy land. I tried reading Brandon Sanderson and N.K. Jemisin, but they didn’t quite resonate with me. I’ve let my internal biases stop me from reading Fate Stay Night for a long time. Because from the VN-DB box art I assumed that Fate Stay Night would be high school anime harem hi-jinks, but Fate Stay Night was actually engaging dark fantasy.

I still have a soft spot for the music of Ultima VI and Ultima VII, as well as for most of Origin’s other games. That OriginFX intro with the orchestra tuning their instruments? Instant nostalgia bonus.

Many of my more recent favourites are songs rather than just tunes, especially Kentucky Route Zero’s “Too Late to Love You” and Transistor’s, well, everything, but especially “Paper Boats”.