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Favorite video game music?


What are your favorite video game songs / soundtracks and why?


I’m quite fond of the Professor Layton series:

The theme song for each game captures the mystery and drama in, to be honest, a game that would otherwise be about random puzzles. They make me want to choreograph a tango, and tango is far from my favorite ballroom dance.

Likewise, the Phoenix Wright series has some music that really gets going when things get exciting in court, but the series also has great character themes:

It’s an optimistic theme tinged with melancholy. This and variations on this get used throughout the series. Other character themes (Godot’s theme comes to mind) also bring to life their characters, which really helps in a visual novel that’s mainly reading. I’ve been listening to the Undertale soundtrack, and likewise its music really makes its low-animation characters memorable.


Final Fantasy 7 was THAT RPG for me. I saw the commercial, I read about it in video game magazines , saved up my money, and played it non stop when I got my new PlayStation and a copy of FF7. I played it in my formational years and it really stuck.

It hasn’t aged amazing, but I still love the story and it’s sometimes bad translation. And I’ll fight anyone who doesn’t recognize how great the Material system was!

The music just brings it all back and I own the soundtrack in various forms. My favourites are the instrumental versions, particularly piano. So get ready for me to hijack the thread with every one!!!

One of the best. Really brings me back to that moment when Red XIII finds out the truth about his father.


I’m a huge fan of the Cuphead soundtrack.

As well, the Hotline Miami soundtrack.

The music in both cases really stands out and adds to the experience of both games.


A friend of mine recently linked the piano intro to Agony (Amiga game by Psygnosis), which is high up there for nostalgia value and technical accomplishment. I couldn’t honestly say it’s a favourite any more, but it certainly had an impact at the time.


Someone from my home town killed “The Opened Way” from Shadow of the Colossus.

Just ignore his dorky demeanor and the layering of other music assets, this guy is metal to his core. He’s done a bunch of other game themes (and movie themes) converting them to metal. The video below is from a looong time ago, when he was still spooling things up.

This particular one makes me feel all the feels, though. Shadow meant a lot to me back in the day (still does), and that music has been burned into my heart. Few other games have done this.



Why? Because I’ve played it more than 1000 times (and counting)…


All time favourite is vib-ribbon.


One that I would often just let run for background music was the opening (also the very ending, which was awesome because it went on forever) of Final Fantasy II on the SNES (so IV, in reality).


I still play F-Zero just for the music!

Apart from that I love how Kentucky Route Zero created some memorable moments with music taking front seat. Well, I love Kentucky Route Zero for basically everything it does…

And I love this piece from Fez:


Aw, yeah. That was my introduction to Future Sound of London, and has some other nice tracks by people like the Chemical Brothers, IIRC.


Don’t forget Wipeout, that had Chemical Brothers, as well as CoLD SToRAGE and other elctronica bands that were super-hot in the 90s.


Ah, it’s Wipeout I was thinking of, not F-zero, thanks.


Taking a second to ponder this. (And might take some edits as I always mess up attachments)
Bubble Bobble comes to mind, as FF7, its so classic.
So to keep my Dears card I have to say Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII, With 2 original songs “Longing” and “Redemption” by Gackt what’s not to love?

Altho Final Fantasy crystal chronicles sound track is awesome


Nice Collection here of video game songs. This all soundtracks are really very good, they we soon be in many peoples favorites.


Chrono Trigger for sure. There are several great versions from the original soundtrack to full orchestra. I love it.


That reminded me of this one:

I had that trailer on a demo disc, probably from Official PlayStation Magazine, back in the day. I’m sure I watched that opening cinematic a couple dozen times. And then after renting it from a video store I played about one hour into the game and never played it again. :frowning:


I was about to say Portal, but thinking on it some, Supergiant’s Bastion is really the true masterpiece of audio design, songwriting, and voice acting.


Bastion… wow. I’ve listened to that soundtrack so many times. Some tracks are practically like listening to Gospel. One of the best game OST albums I own.


A new contender for favourite video game music has arrived