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For Quins. The secret to not having your falafel fall apart is to make them with uncooked chick peas. Get raw chick peas, soak them overnight, grind them up, add spices, salt and a bit of baking powder and form into balls. Then they will hold together.


I love that you, apparently, signed up for an account specifically in the name of Better Falafel.

There should be more people like you in this world. Also, more falafel.


I too, for years, went through the trauma of disintegrating falafel, following a myriad of recipes that all stated to use cooked chickpeas, and all ending in disaster and disappointment. I had nearly given up hope of ever creating my favourite Mediterranean/near east savoury food at home when I found finally a recipe so radically different that I gave it a try, more in desperate hope than in expectation, one suggesting that the chick peas should be merely soaked and not pre-cooked. You can imagine my excitement, relief and renewed faith in a fair world when they succeeded, and I have never looked back. I feel it to be beholden me to share my joy with all fellow sufferers of the crumbling comestible.


I also play board games


So say we all… :slight_smile: