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Factorio-Intersecting Rail Lines


09 AM I’am stuck with two tracks that splits on both ends so on trains at top left station and the other at the bottom right station. they rammed each other because it doesn’t have a signal I placed the signal were it’s hovering over in the picture and the left train came to the top station the right train stoped right next to the signal.


43 AMI have this lower part to that I’ve tested on with signal and just screwed it up massively and I made over a hundred after the picture and it just a pain and I’m thinking about making it to separate tracks.


My initial reaction is that you’re way under-signaled. It looks like all the track in both pictures is on the same block. Definitely in the merge in the top center of the first pic, you’re going to get crashes b/c there’s no way for a train to get exclusive access to the merge.

Chain signals before the merge & a regular signal after it should do it: trains wont be able to enter the intersection until the block after the intersection is clear. But that could cause issues, because it looks like your track is all one big block.