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Hey there,

My brother and I are attending Shux for the first time, and are wondering when the schedule usually goes up and how registration is done. Do most of the events (like the mega games) require registration and fill up quickly? I’ve only been to one other similar con, and the events required registration and many filled up very fast.



I do not want to take credit for other peoples information, but below is some information which will help you with some preliminary planning.

My guess is that they are still ironing out the event schedule details. I had heard somewhere (twitter?) that they had made the exhibit area larger this year and had extended the deadline for publishers to register. I know it is less than 100 days out, but sometimes getting all the cats herded together takes a little bit of time.

I would keep an eye out on this page to see if it changes in the next few weeks. Also, there is the twitter , which I do not use, which has some periodic updates. In regards to the mega games, keep an eye on the above link. They will post ticket sales for those on that page. Watch the Skies has sold ‘really fast’ in the past years, the others ‘moderately quickly’. The other ‘events’ are generally shows in the theatre area and do not require pre-registration as there is plenty of seating. But arriving early is important so that you can get a better seat.

Hopefully, this answers your questions. If I hear/see anything new or different, I will try and update.


Notice: I am just a regular forum user. I am not part of SU&SD or the SHUX team.


Thank you so much @UllinBethalto! Megagames tickets are now on sale here. The show schedule will be coming out over the course of this month - almost all panels/events are first come first serve setting/joining. We’ll have the capacity listed on each event on the events page here as well in the show app once the schedule comes out. Some social games will have signup sheets in their space for their games like Blood on the Clocktower.

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