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Elizabeth Hargrave (Designer of Wingspan) is keeping track of Women&Non-binary board game designers


I don’t think I have seen this mentioned around here, and maybe some of us missed it, so here is a like to the website of Elizabeth Hargrave, who is trying to reference every woman and non-binary board game designer in the field. It is important work!



Thank you for sharing this!!


As a dad of a transgender kid (or, as he’s staring to realize, he may be more non-binary than trans), I have to repeat what @lovvbar said, above: Thank you for sharing this!

My son and I are both involved with supporting human rights for non-traditional roles in our local community, and often gaming is seen as a “boy’s club” activity, which can’t be further from the truth.


I’m a bit late to this thread, but thank you for sharing! If I ever get around to organising that games night for my feminist book group, this will be very useful :smiley: