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El Grande Decennial/Big Box Edition


Anyone here bought and played the expansions from these versions? Im curious on what your thoughts are.

I only have the base game, which i love to bits. So, really, Im just wondering if Im willing to splash some cash on these expansions. I have seen reviews of it, it seems that the new action cards are the best one. But It doesnt seem to grab me.


We have the big box with expansions (a ship, a sort of semi-king, and Portugal if I remember rightly). I love the game, but I’ve never once used any of the expansions. I’ve looked at the rules, then played the base game because it doesn’t need expanding.


I’m in the same situation as @chrislear. I have the big box but have only ever played the standard game. It’s just so good. I’m not much of an expansions person anyway.


I’ve yet to play the expansions but there was an excellent The Long View podcast a while back that was looking at El Grande, as well as its expansions. I think their general view was that the first expansion tried to add more stuff but just ended up diluting the experience. The second one though completely changes the way that the action cards auction works, changing how the game works at a fundamental level. They did recommend trying that one to see if you liked it.

Definitely worth digging out that podcast if you can. I’d link it but I’m on mobile :frowning:


As if by divine providence, someone sold me El Grande: Decennial Edition in BGG for a reasonable price. It has expansions that I’m more interested in: the additional areas like Portugal, France, the Americas, and the Med. I took the unexpected budget hit as something reasonably-priced rare thing doesn’t happen too often. And I’d rather get that than the expensive £70-80 quid big box.

After reading the rules, these new areas sounds pretty simple, once you understand how El Grande works - nothing too radical like the new King & Intrigue cards or the Grand Inquisitor.

We only played with Portugal, so far. It’s a simple expansion of adding one more region into the board.