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Easy hike in Vancouver


Last year, I explored the south side of the inlet but didn’t venture north. Can anyone suggest an easy, scenic hike on the north side of the inlet? Thanks!


I like the hike from the seabus to Beere Brewing. It’s hardly uphill, only takes about 10minutes of walking along a sidewalk, and results in tasty beer on a patio. My kind of “hike”.

More adventurous people might consider Lynn Canyon. It has a bunch of easy trails and is accessible by transit. This site is also pretty thorough https://www.vancouvertrails.com/regions/the-north-shore/


Lynn Canyon would be my suggestion too, it’s where I take all visitors for a taste of the local wilderness. The Lynn Valley suspension bridge is the main highlight and tourist hotspot (it’s free, unlike the Capilano suspension bridge). But there are trails that follow the river in either direction that are fairly easy and much quieter.

I was actually considering leading an expedition to the area if there’s any interest. I live along the lower canyon, so I’m a little biased to the area but happy to play guide :grinning:


I live in Lynn Valley and I agree that the best free hike would be Lynn Canyon. It’s super easy to get to via transit as well. Jump on the SeaBus and once you get to Lonsdale Quay simply walk straight of the SeaBus and onto either of the direct buses to Lynn Valley:
228 Lynn Valley (bay #5)
229 Lynn Valley (bay #3)

The buses are in sync with the SeaBus so just hop on right after you get off of the SeaBus. If you want to explore around LoLo (Lower Lonsdale), the buses leave about every 15-20 minutes during normal hours.

Once on the bus, just let the driver know you want to go to Lynn Canyon and they will tell you what do to get off of. Then it’s a 10 minute walk to the Canyon suspension bridge (there’s also a coffee shop by the entrance).


Thanks to you all for suggesting Lynn Canyon! I didn’t so much have a hike as a gentle saunter with many stops to take photos of the lovely trees and water. Even after 5 days walking around Vancouver, my feet didn’t complain. I went to the suspension bridge, Twin Fall Bridge, Pipeline Bridge, walked around Rice Lake, and even sat by 30-Foot Pool to meditate. It was a really nice way to decompress after the con.