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Dwarf Fortress: oh the dwarfanity!


Use the tree that fell on him to make a splint, then crutches.

Of course, without all the rest he’ll likely be crippled for life, and without the soap he might die from the infection. But if he lives, then you get an extra-grumpy expedition leader. Confined to his office for the rest of his life, listening to healthy dwarves complain.


As soon as the latest version gets integrated into the Lazy-Newb-Pack, I’ll see about starting my own new fortress. I’d kinda like to document it here as a Let’s Play.


I enjoyed reading this interview about the upcoming magic systems in Dwarf Fortress.


Engraved on the wall is a masterfully designed image of Macnme the Dwarf. All craftdwarfship is of the highest quality. Macnme is making an excited gesture. This artwork relates to Macnme reading the previous article on the new magic system in the SU&SD forum in the Spring of 2017.


Next to the image of Macnme the Dwarf is a finely-crafted image of cheese.


In my latest game, my Dwarves did me proud and created one of the most Dwarfy artifacts I’ve seen.


“The Fragrant Periwinkle”

I feel like some dwarves just have bad taste. Other times you get lucky. I had one dwarf carve mountains of gems on the wall of my throne room, and a giant millstone directly behind the throne.


Necro-ing my own thread.
Dwarf Fortress was recently announced as “coming to steam: available at ‘time is a relative concept’”
The Magic update has been put on hold, as medical issues have forced the brothers Adams to re-prioritise, and now UI fixes/Mouse Support/Graphics&Music are bumped up the list for the steam release.
Not even counting the “villains” update that was supposed to be a stop-gap while we waited for the Magic update, but has ballooned into it’s own ridiculous massive update.

This is still my favourite game - it’s still constantly surprising me - I still feel like a total newb while playing it.

Allow me to recount a memorable story ;
The Fortress of LanceTufted lay in a pleasant temperate forest, where a group of some 200 dwarves led happy productive lives, when one fateful day the cavern layer got invaded by a Forgotten Beast (Ritas Zagithoth - A Giant Three-Eyed Stegasaurid. It has Four Short Horns and a Gaunt Appearance. It’s Dark-Pink Scales are Blocky and Overlapping. Beware it’s Poisonous Sting!) ; Fearing this beast and having no substantial military, I sealed it up in the cavern layer while I figured out what to do with him. We then got invaded by another Forgotten Beast; Ritas slayed them. Then another, Ritas slayed them. Then another - Ritas slayed them again. Now I decided that the Dwarves should start worshipping Ritas as a Guardian Deity. I installed a glass floor on the roof of the cavern layer - and created a memorial hall full of statues of Ritas, and all of the walls and floors engraved with images of Ritas. I even had my Clothier create Robes and Caps (T-Shirts and Baseball Caps) with Ritas’ image on them… and then opened it up to visitors… essentially turning my fortress into a Ritas themepark. RitasWorld.

And this is why I love Dwarf Fortress.
None of this was scripted, none of it planned - all of it was a random sequence of events, which somehow knitted together to form a perfect narrative.
I’m currently waiting for Crayon story reward of a picture of Ritas on the slowboat from America - which I will of course share.


I played it a lot way back. Even wrote a story about my doomed fortress Bomreknon (how did I remember that?!)

I wish I had the free time to see how it has evolved in the intervening years.


It’s funny what you can find on the internet:

A classic tale of greed, madness and carnival clowns.

If that was the last you’ve played,
They’ve added…lets see… taverns…temples…libraries… museums…off site missions…and memories. Dwarves now hold a cache of short term and long term memories, which affect how they behave and can alter their personalities. … and probably more stuff I’m forgetting.


Hah, fancy that! What a find, thank you. I thought that was lost forever, as the forum I used to write up the fortress’ story went defunct a few years ago. I still have hazy memories of how it started too, with the coal shortage, misplaced babies, and other random weirdness.

2009, those were the days…

I remember one forum user blamed that story for getting him hooked on Dwarf Fortress, and the massive dent it put into his PhD productivity.