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Dune @ SHUX'19

I missed out on the classic Dune game that was organized last year, but now I have a copy of the new edition (of which I’m sure a few will be floating around the con). Is anyone interested in getting a game together?


I’m interested!

I’m interested.

Interested, especially if I can play more than once. (My last play was 12 years ago.)

Definitely interested

I think both myself and my husband would be interested!

I’d be interested. Haven’t played before though so if most of the group is experienced I’ll probably skip it to prevent steam rolling or messing up others’ game… Would love setting up a beginners game though if that’s on the table.

:raising_hand_woman:t2: I’ve also never played, so I’m hoping there’s a patient teacher! :blush:

My wife and I would be interested in playing a game of this for sure! I haven’t played before but I have many games of the FFG version of this under my belt; so i get the idea.

I’ve never played before, but I’d love to give it a go.

Do you want to propose a time that works for you @izenmania to teach a few of us?

Hello, I do still exist! Just been a bit busy the last couple weeks.

This will be a very beginner-friendly game. I have played exactly once, and my wife Anna has played less than that. But I have spent enough time with the rulebook to feel pretty good about teaching.

There is more interest than there are game slots (me, Anna, and 4 more can play), and I’ve left it a bit late to try to properly coordinate schedules, so I’m just going to set up with a first-come, first-served game. I am planning to set up around 9AM on Saturday morning (will post location details morning-of, so that I am easy to find). I figure starting early means folks won’t get stuck in the middle of another game that runs long.

I’m happy to teach more people than can actually play, to get anyone on the right track if the overflow wants to grab a copy from the library.

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I’ll be the guy who looks like this.

I’ll try to update the thread with my table location, but internet access may disrupt that.

We are at the far end of table D in the carpeted section, looking for one more.

Glad I found you guys! What an epic game!