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Dune at SHUX '18


Dune is great, so we should play it.

For those who don’t know, Dune is a classic game of negotiation and bluffing from the team that brought us Cosmic Encounter. I’ll be teaching the game, but it’s pretty simple so beginners will be up to speed in no time.

I was thinking of breaking it out on Friday evening.

EDIT: I’m going to run it Sunday morning as well. TWO DUNES.


I would love to play, but I won’t be available for most of Friday evening. What time were you thinking? I have an old beat up copy sitting at home, but I haven’t had a chance to fix it up yet! If I can make it, I can see if my wife might be interested too!


I would definitely play this. I have a fan made copy but not sure if I could bring it.


@Disraelig: I haven’t nailed down a time yet. When are you free?

@megakles: No worries. I have an original copy that’s still in pretty good condition.


This is another game that I’d want to play. Re-read the book recently, and even more interested after reading this: https://playerelimination.com/2018/09/24/dune-the-board-game-the-book-club/


@Ilthuain: On checking my schedule, it looks like Friday night actually won’t work at all for me. Good luck finding players!


Highly interested. Friday evening should work fine for me. I can see if my wife is interested, if you end up needing one more. How long would you expect a game with new players to take?


@Disraelig: This is getting more response than I anticipated, so no worries :-). I’m thinking of running an additional game on Sunday.

@izenmania: New players tend to make the game faster, honestly (they tend to want alliances). 2 hours would be my guess.


I’m totally down with learning this. I signed up on the organized play thread (adam noname).


Didn’t realize until this morning that sign-ups were in a different place, so I think I am either the 6th or 7th person signed up for the Friday night game, depending on which people are the newbies and which are not.


@izenmania: To be fair, I didn’t intend for either post to be a “sign up”, I was just announcing that I would be doing some Dune and wanted people to know. Due to the amount of people interested and the possibility of having a one or more no-shows, I’m thinking I’ll leave both games open to whoever shows up (with the first game still reserved for new players).

If we end up having too many people, we can devise some sort of tie breaker.


Fair enough! I’ll plan to be hanging around the appropriate place at the appropriate time, and we’ll see what happens.


I’d be interested in finally trying this game (I’m a fan of the books, but never got around to sitting down at a copy of the game). I’ll endeavor to hover at the appointed place and time, and see what happens. :wink:


I’m down for the Sunday morning game. Where are y’all meeting?


Somewhere in the open gaming area. I’ll camp out the table for a while with the game visible.