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Duel me cowards

Sorry for the abrasive entrance! Now that I’ve got your attention, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in organizing a 1v1 game (ideally for for Friday, at 12:00 or so).

In particular I had in mind either a historical quasi-war game like A Few Acres of Snow, Twilight Struggle, or Colonial Twilight (a two person COIN game). Alternatively, I could go for a big honkin’ dudes on a map game, like Star Wars Rebellion or War of the Ring. The former three games are small enough that I could bring one with me if someone wanted to play, whereas the latter two I own but won’t have room to bring with me. I don’t think War of the Ring, excellent as it is, is in the SHUX library last time I checked. I am well versed on the rules for all five of the games listed and would gladly teach someone, or even two other players if they wanted to try their luck against one another. Despite the title of this post I’m not hyper competitive, I promise.

Vis a vis timing, there are a couple considerations. Unfortunately due to my lack of foresight I could only get a bus ticket that arrives around 11:00, so I couldn’t meet much earlier. Depending on the choice of game I could meet a little later, though I have a megagame to attend at 6:00. Alternatively I could meet Saturday or Sunday, though I would prefer to have that time available to spend with my brother who will be missing the first day of the con.

If this piques anyone’s interest, let me know!

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Wait so this isn’t about the great ziggurat of 7 Wonders Duel?

No, but if someone particularly wants to play that (and teach me) then I would be down.

@ObieWilcox I’d be happy to!

Its a ‘weeee bit’ lighter & a whole lot shorter than the options you mentioned :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

According to the latest update video, there should be a copy of War of the Ring in the library this year.