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Drafting Games

I’ve been thinking about a new game, specifically a card drafting game, but I can’t seem to find games that I’d be interested in. I’m not interested in Sushi Go and 7 wonders, at the same time I already own Seasons. Any other suggestions, because I can’t find a lot of card drafting games?

Steampunk Rally, Terraforming Mars, Inis, and Fairy Tale are all card drafting games I enjoy - some more heavy on the card drafting and others with card drafting as a means to some other end.

If you are willing to expand the definition beyond cards, you could also look at things like Sagrada or Roll Player for dice drafting, Azul for pretty little squares drafting, and Between Two Cities or Between Two Castles for tile drafting.


I generally enjoy drafting games. And can’t wait to get my hands on Inis (waiting for my Spiel order as noted elsewhere)

I haven’t heard of Fairy Tale… note to self: check out Fairy Tale :blush:

Sadly off my head I cannot add anything new to the list…

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Does the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game count? It’s kind of big. Deck building, pool building…and I guess bag building.

It’s a big honkin’ box of “game.”

Any sort of suggestions on theme or other restrictions like player counts?

One that I’ve had half an eye on is Among the Stars, where players compete to build space stations, although I can’t comment on what it actually plays like.

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We actually have Among the Stars. It plays well, not too exciting but we have only played with two. There is an app version that is quite nice too.

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The Networks and with a stretch The Bloody Inn could go as a card drafting game.
I like both games quite a lot.

Paper tales?

Bunny Kingdom?

I’m fine with any game no matter the theme or player count. As long as it’s fun

Here’s a few I like:

Quest for El Dorado
Point Salad
Fabled Fruit
The Lost Expedition

Some very varied definitions of card drafting in this thread.

When I hear “card drafting” in the context of Sushi Go! and 7 Wonders, I assume it means the specific kind where you have a hand of cards, take X, and pass the rest.

Games where you choose cards to add your hand or deck by other means are sometimes also said to include “card drafting”, but that’s a much broader definition.

That said, I had a look at the definition of card drafting on BGG, and they use the broader definition. So, what is the correct term for the specific kind of card drafting in Sushi Go!?

Simultaneous action selection card drafting? Keep-and-pass card drafting?



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Good call, @Benkyo, “drafting” has its own sub-genres now. My original experience was with MtG drafting, where you take something and pass to others, which is now married to the concept of “deck building,” where you take something (or somethings) and give up the rest.

It’s hard to separate where “drafting” ends and “building” begins in a lot of games. A lightweight example is King of Tokyo, you have a kind of store where you can buy cards that get replenished. Any player can do that for their own benefit or to deny another player that card. It has elements of both “drafting” and “deck building,” and also has elements of “dice building/drafting,” too.

“Building” tends to have a bit of a blind element, some RNG where you can’t tell what is going to come up next and you want to seed the RNG in your favor, which is also instrumental to “drafting.”

It appears to be a somewhat fungible concept.

Blood Rage uses drafting. If you’re into blood, rage, vikings, monsters, the end of the world, and can tolerate the gratuitous cleavage, I found it to be quite fun.

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I’m personally ok with gratuitous anything, including blood and rage, and gratuitous vikings and monsters. I would like to see more gratuitous men-in-skimpy-loincloths as well as the cleavage, and women who wear real, functional armor, just for the sake of balance.

But just as long as the play is good, I’m cool with the campy factor that gives to the flavor.

Sorry, going off-topic, here…

I know not everyone is cool with the demoralizing way a lot of minis portray women (I am also bothered by that one-sided trend), I just wish they would at least demoralize men equally, and balance that with women who looked just as tough as nails, without sexualizing them by making them wear a leather or metal armored bikini. There’s a lot of male-power-fantasy involved in these models, I just think it could be a bit more equivocal.

Also, for your enjoyment, I’ll post a male bikini mini, below! I believe this is indicative of how models of men are just as blown out of proportion as women. From BGG user FacetheFact, a fantastic mini painter, without permission but it was already there so I’ll take it down if they want me to.

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Interestingly, Warhammer roleplay, if not the minis game, is really good at this. There are many examples of hard looking women in normal armour and so on in the art

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To mix intellectual properties: Like Captain Phasma’s design: utilitarian armor without huge gazongas, practical (if a bit shiny). I also noticed that about the RP Warhammer.

Ah, heck, I derailed yet another thread, I’m sorry, this is about drafting.