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Doner Drive Issues


I’ve tried at least 5 times now to sign up for donations to SUSD. Either the site wont load, or the site will crash, or it shows duplicates in my summary (but with a Sub-Total and Total of $0?). It’s gotten to the point that I can’t even trust this site enough to put my credit card info into it. :confounded:



IF ONLY IT WOULD! (yes, it’s a complete sentence, forum)


You can email [email protected]

On the main website and they can normally sort out these issues.


The site:


may take a while to load depending on your region (and, honestly, depending on a random astrological sign or a sun-flare).

This is an international site run by donations, and while it’s not “Googlezon”-fast, most issues get resolved quickly, at worst in a few days.

If it continues, email [email protected]

I’ve flagged this issue for attention. Please, Don’t Panic!


(I’ve just tried it and it works fine in my region, please give us feedback if it still sucks for you, I know that’s frustrating as hell)