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DIY Christmas advent calendar for the gaming-inclined


Hello everyone.

I’ve got my wife a lovely tea advent calendar this year (I can’t take credit, she’s the one that told me about it) and she asked if there was something similar I would like.

I have found the https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/256951/brettspiel-adventskalender-2018 but my collection is small and I own none of the games to which it’s contents relate, so perhaps a home-made calendar is the way to go.

To that end, can anyone suggest up to 24 little tabletop gaming-related items that would be good generic components for a calendar?

My initial thoughts:

  • A set of polyhedral dice
  • Cheap metal coins (if that’s even possible)
  • A print & play RPG or two


You know what might be cool: What about a 24 game legacy Christmas game?

Day zero/1 is a deck of cards like love letter or something tiny and then every day is some addition to the game. I think the format could be something like one of the fast forward games.

Other items for the thing could be the cluedo pieces (pipe, pistol etc). A wooden cube. A Meeple


There are a few RPGs that can fit in the so called PocketMod format, a selfmade tiny booklet, made by bending and cutting a single page.
Here’s the info on how to make the booklet and here’s a ready-to-print version of Sorcerers&Sellswords, an excellent cousin of the excellent Lasers&Feelings. Also, here a few more to download.


Have a look around to see if there’s any custom made pieces to ‘upgrade’ any games you have. For example custom meeples for Pandemic, replace cardboard tokens for wooden ones (like getting wooden buttons for Patchwork for example).


These are all great. Knew it was a good idea to ask here :smile:


This may not be what you were looking for, exactly.

I got myself a culinary butane blowtorch. I’ve been occasionally burning off the paint from Altoids (and other) candy tins, and then scrubbing them clean. They look really cool!

I’m planning on attaching them to a “tree” (most likely a piece of green spray painted cheap plywood) to make an advent calendar.

I’ll let the kids and everyone else go nuts on decorating it. Honestly burning off those tins one at a time is kind of a pain in the butt.