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Discuss: The Paladin's Secret- PbFG (The Burning Wheel)

Has he told her why you’re infiltrating an art showing?

(*And can you tell me?)

I’m having a really hard time formulating useful questions for some reason.

I wonder if lady duponts recent downturn of finances put a strain on her relationship with her business partner. I wonder if she knew anything about him he might not want revealed - that would certainly be a motive. Perhaps these arent questions to put to this man himself, but, Who else might they fund plays with? Does this man know about the threatening letter, or what it refers too? Where was he at the time of the murder? What is dear to Lady Dupont, and where are those things now?

You have found the person who knows her better than anyone else in the colonies, if he can be trusted hes a goldmine of information about her personal and social life

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Do feel free, as players to put your heads together and work things out and have a think about questions you might want each other to ask

I’m in the middle of grading essays. I will respond with what Jarek is up to tomorrow.


Sooo… I have a question @SleepyWill… The Sorcerers Association, what city do you think that is based in?

Let’s say it’s in the city you went to school in, a city called Squall’s End in the Old World


Really sorry I haven’t been active. I’m having a bad time right now, and it isn’t going away.


Take whatever time you need, I’ve just committed to another fortnight of surgery recovery bed rest, so hardly up to much anyway!

Hope you recover soon!

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I have this one caught up as well!



So Jarek has a call on trait that is “Dexterity of the Cat” how does that work? Can he use that to help Simon?

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When helping another player’s skill check, you can only help with a skill, not a trait. Such a trait is incredibly advantageous for clambering about on the rooftops though!

So if Jarek goes onto the roof instead of Simon, how do I use that trait?


Will, once this adventure is done, would it please be possible to see an updated character sheet?

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Of course, anytime!


Sounds like a quaint and charming place… I am so glad Warran went with!

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We’ve done 1000 posts this month. I think that’s a record!


(This should be in the pendragon thread. Ooops.)


A slightly better than average damage roll!


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