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Discuss: The Paladin's Secret- PbFG (The Burning Wheel)


Warran’s instinct is that he never refuses an offer of ale or cider, right? So we just need to make sure no one offers him a drink!


Put Warran in charge of keeping Jarek from eating everything in sight. Surely leaving some food for others falls under Jarek’s “best self.”:plate_with_cutlery:


Ahhh, picking up some habits of Warran’s I see…



Well, I think the dice roller hates everyone. Dice 1-6 closely resemble a Player Knight damage roll, and dice 7-12 look like an enemy NPC damage roll in the Pendragon game…


I was telling @Shades before we left for work this morning there was still a good chance of a fail with 13 dice… Good thing I was wrong!


One side of cube.


Wow, the d6 dice roller is really not liking you is it?

But at least it was a pass!


The dice rollers have incredibly specific plans for me.


Is it strange that I hear Jeff Goldblum’s voice and the music from ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ in my head when I read this?

She was into the arts… Perhaps she owned ‘Boy with Apple’?


LOL @Sagantine! That was insane timing!
Accidental ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’!


I edited my post @SleepyWill, and included further inquiry!


(It was a good thing that she showed up during Warran’s questions to the messenger and after the message was given. :wink: Hence why Warran relayed the message to the group after the messenger left (except Jarek, since he tailed the messenger before knowing what the message was! :laughing:). )


Just to let everyone know, I’m back out of hospital and ready to continue!



Sorry I took all the 6’s!


Has Jarek had time to get back to town or should I role play his travel?


Plenty of time!