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Discuss: The Paladin's Secret- PbFG (The Burning Wheel)


Warran’s instinct is that he never refuses an offer of ale or cider, right? So we just need to make sure no one offers him a drink!


Put Warran in charge of keeping Jarek from eating everything in sight. Surely leaving some food for others falls under Jarek’s “best self.”:plate_with_cutlery:


Ahhh, picking up some habits of Warran’s I see…



Well, I think the dice roller hates everyone. Dice 1-6 closely resemble a Player Knight damage roll, and dice 7-12 look like an enemy NPC damage roll in the Pendragon game…


I was telling @Shades before we left for work this morning there was still a good chance of a fail with 13 dice… Good thing I was wrong!


One side of cube.


Wow, the d6 dice roller is really not liking you is it?

But at least it was a pass!


The dice rollers have incredibly specific plans for me.


Is it strange that I hear Jeff Goldblum’s voice and the music from ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ in my head when I read this?

She was into the arts… Perhaps she owned ‘Boy with Apple’?


LOL @Sagantine! That was insane timing!
Accidental ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’!


I edited my post @SleepyWill, and included further inquiry!


(It was a good thing that she showed up during Warran’s questions to the messenger and after the message was given. :wink: Hence why Warran relayed the message to the group after the messenger left (except Jarek, since he tailed the messenger before knowing what the message was! :laughing:). )


Just to let everyone know, I’m back out of hospital and ready to continue!



Sorry I took all the 6’s!


Has Jarek had time to get back to town or should I role play his travel?


Plenty of time!


You might not know the name, but I reckon most people would recognise a surprising amount of it - but as to why I chose it… notoriously difficult :wink:


So new things we know:

  1. there are Italians in this universe
  2. they’re still making some truly bombastic operas


In our universe it was written by the Tyrreense, a people with a history that is remarkably complicated. The Opera is much the same as ours though, different subject matter


How much has Jarek been filled in by Simon about the activity of the group while he was away?


All of it